Friday, July 1, 2011

Gotta Keep the Wheels Turning

Welcome to my new blog! (The other one is found here: Adventures in Food and Word.) Why do I have two blogs? Simple. I have a lot to say. Or type. You see, my head is constantly filled with words, and if I don't let some spill out on a regular basis, my brain explodes.

The point of this new blog is two-fold. 1) To entertain with my musings as I explore my new home of Ann Arbor, Michigan. 2) To highlight how cool Michigan really can be. Having been back for less than a year after living in the Bay Area, California for nearly three years, I think I am in a pretty good spot to judge this. 

So let's get to know my new city!

I used to visit Ann Arbor a few times a year when I was attending Western Michigan University in my hometown Kalamazoo, Michigan (approximately an hour and twenty to forty minutes west on I-94 from A2). A small group of us would hit up Trader Joe's on Stadium, drive to Wizzywigs when it was still on Liberty downtown, then hop across the street to the Borders flagship store. (TRIVIA: Borders was started in 1971 by the Borders brothers right here in Ann Arbor, Michigan on State St.) Depending on the group, we would also head across U of M's campus to Pinball Pete's for some DDR and other arcade action.

Ann Arbor is to Michigan as Berkeley is to California, and it was often that I toyed with moving to Ann Arbor after graduation. Unfortunately, Ann Arbor is about as expensive as Berkeley, and at the time I was looking at spending $900 a month on renting even a room in a co-op! So I moved to San Francisco instead. (Wait, what??)

Naturally, moving back to Michigan from California, even to its probably most expensive city (and liberal; let's not forget liberal), I delighted in paying only $665 for a one bedroom apartment with all but electricity included in the rent. I had to pay to flush my toilet in California! I have since upgraded to a two bedroom apartment in the same complex for $855 a month, which I split with my roommate Kimmy, who is from Los Angeles and also laughs at these lower prices. Even our internet is included in the rent here. Unheard of!

So that is my history with Ann Arbor, intellectual and hippy hub of the Mitten. Next time, my first explorations of A2 as my new home.

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