Friday, July 15, 2011

Heroes & Villains

One of my favorite things in the world is the comic shop. Consequently, whenever I find myself in downtown Ann Arbor, I must stop by the Vault of Midnight on Main St. The main floor is devoted to comics and all that geekery, while the basement level is packed with equally geeky board games (Arkham Horror, Settlers of Catan, Last Night on Earth, etc, etc). 

If I am downtown on a Monday night, I am always headed to Necto on Liberty for their goth/industrial night called Factory. Necto has two dance rooms, one upstairs where you first enter, the other downstairs, which took me a few visits to discover while looking for a bathroom, and a rotating theme. If you dress in theme, you get in for free. (Also Monday nights are $2 vodka nights. Just throwing that out there.) 

Why am I mentioning these two seemingly unrelated venues? Because last Monday night was Heroes VS Villains night, brought to us by the Vault of Midnight! My friend Robin showed her brilliance by suggesting I dress up as Harley Quinn from Batman, and Kimmy decided to reprise her Poison Ivy costume (but actually made a completely new one out of a dress we found at the Salvation Army, her new green corset, and gel pens from Michaels). 

I couldn't do the Harley Quinn costume that everyone remembers from the TV series that was on in the 90s, so I made my own version of Harley with red and black striped stockings, a short black skirt, red blouse, black corset, white and black face paint, and pigtails. Kimmy also found us some barrettes that said POW! in bright yellow at Hot Topic. Not only were we smokin' hot, but our costumes were both recognized and we had our pictures taken by strangers. (Just like the good old days at anime and comic conventions... Sigh.) 

Being the gentlemanly sort (usually), my boyfriend Greg chose to join in our theme and made himself a Riddler costume. We saw one other Riddler there dressed in the ensemble from the 1960s TV series, a Penguin, and one other Poison Ivy. My coworker J9 (who was dressed as a smashing Tank Girl) told me there were in total three Poison Ivies, but the other two that were not my roommate had store-bought costumes that were unoriginal and generic. Points to Kimmy for being unique!

Naturally, there were multiple comments about Harley stepping out with someone other than Mista J, but dagnabit, the Joker should be less self-absorbed and pay more attention to his loyal minions! At least, that is how I see it. 

I don't know what next Monday's theme is yet, but I won't be there to participate anyhow. I am once again headed north, this time for some legitimate camping in a tent, not just a teensy cabin that would fit easily into my living room given its minute size. It's been a long time since I've been camping, and I am really looking forward to it. Don't worry, though. I am sure there will be more Ann Arbor adventures for me to write about next Friday.


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