Friday, October 14, 2011

A Night Out

This week brought more shenanigans in downtown Ann Arbor.

First up, Kimmy and I went twice to see if we could find Violin Monster, one of our favorite features of this city. On our second attempt, we spotted him playing on the corner of Main and Liberty while we were driving on Main, but by the time we ran there after parking, he was already packed up. Nooooooo!!! So instead of dancing to some killer tunes, we introduced ourselves. He is very nice and bares a striking resemblance to David Tennant, I swear. He told us the website should be up and running soon, and he hopes to persuade local shops to carry his new post cards because selling them online makes them rather expensive. (But I will probably buy them anyway.)

I am really hoping that one day Violin Monster will have a poster that I can purchase and frame along with the fairy doors of Ann Arbor poster that I fully intend to pick up one of these days. Which brings us to item number two.

After stopping in at Sweetwaters Coffee and Tea (not to be confused with Sweetwater's Donut Mill) for some hot caramel apple cider and to check out the first location of a public fairy door in A2, we decided to hunt down the other fairy doors in the area that we had not yet found, most especially the much sought goblin door, which took a couple of internet searches on my phone and some careful scouring.

Goblin door!
The goblin door is very well hidden! Look very closely just to the left (toward the Ark) of Seyfried Jewelers on Main St. If you hit the big empty shop, you've gone too far. The goblin door is a few inches taller than the fairy doors, but still decorated with offerings from visitors. I, myself, left a peppermint candy for the goblins, and then, so they wouldn't feel left out, a spearmint candy for the nearby fairies at the Ark. Kimmy left the goblins a nickle and the fairies nothing. (Shhh! Don't tell. They might get angry!)

We checked the internet again via my phone and located a few more exterior fairy doors downtown. There are a few more inside shops that we couldn't get to at the time, and more sprinkled around town that we intend to visit another time. More doors have popped up in Dexter and other surrounding areas. There are two that need posting in my apartment, though they must be for very tiny fairies as they are much smaller than the doors around Ann Arbor.  

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