Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ann Arbor Restaurant Week 2012

One of the things I love about Ann Arbor is the food. In just a few blocks of downtown, I can find Indian, Greek, Middle Eastern, Irish, Italian, the ultra modern and more. And every January these restaurants get together and have what is called Restaurant Week, the perfect chance to try out new places that you've never heard of or that you've always been curious about.

Just $12 gets you up to a three course lunch, some places even offering two meals for the price of one. Dinners are $25, which is a pretty incredible deal when you get two three course meals for $25 like my boyfriend and I did at Conor O'Neill's Traditional Irish Pub.

Not only did we get our choice of appetizer to split (flat bread and the most interesting spinach and artichoke dip I've ever had), two entrees, and a dessert (also to share, but it was Bailey's cheesecake, which I find difficult to eat by myself anyway, it is so rich), but Conor O'Neill's was offering, for those over 21, a beer sampler. We received three whiskey glasses of Irish beer - Guinness, Smithwick's, and Harp Lager - and another whiskey glass of Magners hard cider, which tasted much better than I remembered from the last time that I had it. 

I wish we'd remembered it was Restaurant Week sooner so that I could have tried out more places, perhaps for their lunch specials. Nearly 50 local restaurants participated, and there was some mighty tasty looking food listed on the website. Yes, that's right, you can go to the Restaurant Week website and not only see who is participating, but each one lists their menus prepared for the occasion, or at least what you can expect to find for the money.

One place in particular that caught my eye was Sava's on State, which I hadn't heard of before, but now I really want to try it! I am also drawn to Gandy Dancer, both for the name, and because they offered creme brulee, my favorite, for dessert. Looking at the website, the interior of the building looks absolutely gorgeous. The restaurant is inside a restored 1886 Michigan Central Depot, which perks up the ears of my inner steampunk.

If you missed out on Restaurant Week this year, as I nearly did, keep an eye out for next year. I guarantee there will be something you will enjoy!

Post Script:
One might wonder why this entry isn't posted on my food blog, and the answer is that since this blog often highlights local festivals and other unique goings-on of the area, and I haven't participated in anything else of note recently, I decided to put it here. Besides, I have a Greek theme going on at the moment over at Food & Word, and I don't want to interrupt it.

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