Friday, January 13, 2012

Lone Wolf in the Woods

After the first snowfall of the year, my roommate Kimmy and I decided to take a walk in the woods just down the street from our apartment. As we were almost ready to turn into the park, we came upon a jogger coming out.

"Are you going into the park?" she asked. We told her yes. "Be careful, I saw a wolf in there. I was running on the path when I looked up and saw it. I scared it away, but it scared me, too!"

We thanked her for the information and decided to continue anyway. There were two of us and one of him, plus Kimmy claims she was taught how to scare away wild animals when she was in elementary school. We saw plenty of rabbit and squirrel tracks, but no wolf tracks, which was slightly disappointing. We agreed that it would be pretty exciting to see a wolf in the wild. 

The woods were beautiful in the light coating of snow. Tiny snowflakes floated down from the sky, and we were mostly kept from the cold wind by the covering of trees. When we moved out of the trees into the less wooded, more fieldsy trails, however, the wind caught up to us and stung our cheeks. We also heard something that gave us both pause...


Yes, there was our wolfy friend, and I don't mean the Violin Monster. We did not see the wolf, though we did hear him. There were no answering howls, so we didn't see a problem in continuing our trek. We pressed on with more vigilance, but the only canines we saw were of the domestic variety and had handlers. 

We walked by the perennial gardens, took pictures, and made snowballs. The snow was too powdery to hold any kind of shape for long, but cupped in our warm hands, the snowballs stayed together enough to fly through the air before exploding on the ground.

There were no more signs of wolves as we made our way home. The walk was enjoyable just the same, though it was with great pleasure that we returned to the warmth of the apartment and I brewed myself a cup of hot tea.

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