Saturday, January 7, 2012

The New Year

This year I rang in the new year with friends on the steps of East Hall, the condemned original building at Western Michigan University, that overlooks downtown Kalamazoo. Every year at midnight on January 1st, the city shoots off fireworks from Bronson Park. I was snuggly wrapped in the arms of my sweetie and shared many a New Year's kiss. After the finale, we headed back to our friend's house, shared some champagne, then settled into a hilarious game of Telestrations. (Last year we played Scattergories, an especially amusing game when certain people have been drinking.) 

Work has been quieter and I've been spending some much needed down-time at my apartment. Yesterday, though, Greg and I ventured to Shatila Bakery, an amazing middle eastern bakery located in Dearborn, MI, to pick up some desserts for Game Night. They also have a French pastry counter that reminded me of the pastry shops we went to in Japan. I pretty much wanted to eat everything there. We decided to sample some kind of cheese-filled pastry that was reminiscent of a cross between a pierogi and a donut. It was delicious! They also have an ice cream and coffee counter, which, sadly, we did not sample. I think I need to go back for the ice cream, though.
Yes, this is going to end up a very brief entry. I just haven't done that much since the year began. I was really hoping for snowier weather so I could go sledding at last, or maybe build a real snowman (the snow daleks I made last year were tiny because there was never any good packing snow). I could still go ice skating even without the snow (Campus Martius Park looks pretty), so maybe I will have an update on that in the next couple of weeks.

In the meantime, I'm enjoying the slower days at work and spending time with Greg. Also, Kimmy is back in Michigan, and I am sure we will be up to no good soon enough.

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