Friday, January 27, 2012

The Plymouth Ice Festival 2012

If you think that the above is a picture of Uncle Sam punching a bear, you'd be right. Last Saturday, Kimmy and I drove out to Plymouth to meet Greg at the Plymouth Ice Festival. I've never been to an ice festival before, nor have I seen a person create an ice sculpture. We arrived with plenty of time to check out the premade sculptures and watch the team competition. 

I knew that they used chainsaws to shape the ice, but I didn't know that they joined pieces of ice together. It looked like they used an iron to heat a piece of metal which they held against the two pieces of ice that they wanted to join. Then, we think they put dry ice over the joint to further solidify it. 

There was definitely an over-arching theme of sea creatures (including a squid attacking a whale), though there were also some mechanical-looking insects, and a couple statues of liberty. Naturally, there were also some photo opportunities. We took a picture of Kimmy with her face poking through an ice-sculpted Eskimo, and there was an ice dinosaur that small children could sit on. 

We stopped for lunch at one of the carnival wagons they had set up just for the occasion, hot dogs and chili cheese fries! We ate inside the warming tent, which wasn't nearly as warm as I was hoping for, but had tables and chairs set up for people to use. Also inside the tent were some booths pimping out various products and services where we picked up some free candy and pocket tissues. Dessert was cupcakes and lattes from the Cupcake Station, home to some of the best cupcakes I have ever had in my life. I got a red velvet cupcake and Kimmy ordered a Samoa cupcake. (Mmmm....)

If you've never been to downtown Plymouth, it's actually very fun! A lot of the buildings are old, so those are fun to look at, but there are also a lot of nifty shops and restaurants to explore. One store in particular couldn't keep from drawing us in. It's called That's Awesome!, sister store to Salon Awesome! (Yes, with the exclamation points.) It's located next to the Kilwins on the corner of Main St and Penniman Ave. The Plymouth library is also nice. (I'm a book nerd.)

Should you find yourself on the east side of Michigan in January of next year, I suggest stopping by Plymouth and checking out their ice festival. You just might be impressed.

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