Friday, February 3, 2012

Moving On

Downtown A2 soon after
I moved here.
The past couple of weeks Kimmy and I have been hunting for a new apartment. Our lease is up at the end of March, and the rent here has become a tad high. Living in Ann Arbor was always a goal of mine - one that, living in Kalamazoo, I didn't think I could ever afford. Living in San Francisco was also a dream of mine growing up, and I honestly thought Ann Arbor would come first, like a stepping stone, which just goes to show that life (at least mine) is anything but predictable.

Ann Arbor was definitely the right place for me to move after the progressive Bay Area. A2 is Michigan's little liberal oasis, relatively untouched by the rest of the State's woes. I would have gone into severe culture shock had I moved anywhere else in Michigan, despite having spent the first 25 years of my life in the extremely conservative Southwest. 

Now, I think I am prepared for a new adventure. San Francisco was conquered. Ann Arbor has been conquered. What's next? (Chicago? No, that will have to wait.)

Originally we started looking in Ypsilanti because it is still close to our "home" turf, and Kimmy and I both love Ann Arbor, but even Ypsi has had its problems. Since Kimmy will hopefully be graduating in the next few months, we decided that we don't actually have to stay in the A2/Ypsi region. We can move on, closer to friends in the east.

Downtown Northville during
the Victorian Festival.
First, our sights were set on Canton after the recommendation of a coworker. We did find a place there that we like and that is an upgrade from this apartment (two bathrooms and a huge kitchen - kitchen is a must for me!), then we decided to keep looking. Our eyes landed on Northville and Plymouth. Both are more expensive than Canton, but a good deal less than A2 and all offer us much more space. Northville and Plymouth also each have thriving downtowns with lots of places to wander through and grab a bite to eat, exactly what we have grown to love about Ann Arbor.

There will be some growing pains, I think, especially on Kimmy's end, but I am looking toward the future with hope and a positive attitude. I feel more empowered than I did on my move from California, and the future seems so much more open. Does this mean I will be staying in Michigan? I don't know. I am definitely open to moving elsewhere, but for now I think Michigan is where I belong, and I am not distraught by this simple observation. Life is full of adventure, wherever I end up! 

I may have to work on a new title for the blog, though...

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