Friday, March 2, 2012


Since as of this posting I will be on vacation in Seattle, I thought I'd write it early and have it post on Friday. 

Over a week ago I sprained my left thumb and had to take a mandatory vacation until the doctor said I could work again. I wasn't supposed to lift anything above 2 lbs even at home, which didn't really happen, though I tried my best and it isn't like there is a lot of heavy things to lift around my apartment. And I had a brace covering my left forearm, so that helped. The first day I spent going through old junk mail and dividing it into shreddables, recyclables, and trash. I also cleaned up the kitchen and bathroom a little bit.

I hadn't had that much time off in a long time! Not to mention unplanned. I watched more television than I had in a long time, too. Kimmy and I powered through season two of Glee via the DVDs that I got out of the library, and I got a good chunk of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman's second season under my belt, too, sprinkled with some Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

I certainly had plenty of time to pack for Seattle! And I am proud to say that I packed a week's worth of stuff into my carry-on suitcase, plus a couple things in my backpack. Books are ready to go, and since we'll have the time of the plane, I can work on my character for Wraith, the next RP our game group is doing.

I've never been to the Pacific Northwest, despite many plans with various people to visit Portland and/or Seattle while living in San Francisco. This will also be my first trip with a boyfriend, so I'm pretty excited about that, too, as well as seeing a new city and a cool friend I haven't seen since she moved out there last year.

We're all planning on taking a day trip to Portland, too, so I get to see the two cities I've been wanting to in one trip! I'd go for another day trip to Vancouver, but I think that's a trip all on its own.

I will be back on the 7th, so my next update will probably be all about Seattle and Portland. Maybe I will come back with some more ghostly tales. Kimmy has demanded them for American Haunts, and it sounds like there are plenty of stories out there! Among them, a haunted pizza parlor. (I guess you really can order anything with pizza.)

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