Saturday, April 7, 2012

Life From Belleville

We did not end up in Westland as we had been planning since January. (We are also out the money down on that apartment, which irks me top no end.) Since the manager of the Westland apartment turned out to have lied to us numerous times about various things, my roommate Kimmy and I did not feel comfortable signing a lease with her, thus we hurriedly tracked down another apartment to live in instead. Now we are pretty comfortable with a lakeside view and washer and dryer in-unit in quaint little Belleville, Michigan.

Greg apparently did some research and told me that Belleville used to be THE place to have a summer home if you were a rich Detroiter. A number of famous people from the city's past are supposed to have had summer mansions in the area around Belleville Lake (which I will have to investigate and try to track down later). Kimmy did her own brand of research and found some haunted old cemeteries in the area, as well.

Kimmy and I drove downtown to explore, and I was strongly reminded of the old mining and mill cities of Michigan's past (Otsego, Allegan, a bunch of cities in the UP, etc). Downtown Belleville is very dated, which I guess appeals to some people. I won't say it's bad, it just gives me creepy flashbacks of a childhood days spent in Otsego and my father's belief that small towns were traps, not to mention that “small town mentality.” (Consequently, I don't think I could ever live in a small town, like the ones sung about by John Cougar Mellencamp. I could never do that to my potential children, not to mention myself.)

Anyway. So far, I have a positive impression of Belleville, old timey and all. Downtown is brief, but there are a number of restaurants that caught my eye. One is Cajun themed and has a giant alligator on the roof wearing a string of beads. Hard to miss that one! A coworker said it as pretty good, and how can I resist a giant alligator who's ready to party New Orleans style?

Speaking of work, since our new apartment is only 20 minutes down I-94 from Ann Arbor, I am staying at the same store rather than transferring. That makes things easier – for now. We are also close to Kimmy's school as well as her job. I think this was the right location for us! Westland would have been too far.

The kitties are loving the view of the man-made lake/pond outside our living room window. (My bedroom also faces it, which is kind of nice when I need something to stare at while writing.) There are ducks, geese, seagulls (I love hearing seagulls; they remind me of the beach), and Greg even spotted a heron one day. Haven't noticed any squirrels, but Memphis is quite content to watch the funny animals floating by and waddling around our patio. There also isn't a wall blocking his view of the outside world like with the last patio. Poor Sawyer doesn't get much of a view. Memphis keeps chasing him from the window sills, even though we have two, and both kitties can comfortably lie in just one side-by-side. (Who's top cat now?)

There is no internet yet, which is why I am writing this now (Friday) and will post it from my mother's house when we go there for Easter festivities this weekend. My brother and his lovely fiancee just had a baby last weekend, so I get to meet my new nephew this Sunday! From the pictures I have seen, he is a darling addition to the family.

I am going to keep the name of the blog “Life From Ann Arbor” since my life is still pretty much centered there with my job and all, plus A2 is probably the nearest big(ish) city. Now I must go check on boiling eggs. We're coloring eggs later tonight. Yay, Spring!

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