Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Change of Date

Since I don't have the internet at home and my work schedule has changed dramatically, I've decided to change this blog from Friday to Sunday updates. This one isn't so hard to keep up with, just updating on time is a challenge, especially with my food blog updates on Thursdays. I've been having a really hard time getting that updated on time, not to mention my daily haiku posts.

Speaking of haiku, I thought I'd give a little reflection of how that's been going. Not terribly surprising to me, but writing haiku a day has been pretty easy. A lot of times, I actually write a bunch at once and then set the blog to update one a day because I don't have the internet handy to do it “live.” I've also run into the opposite problem where I write them, but I can't update, so I have to backdate them when I finally do get the internet. So the poems are being written, I just can't update properly. It's incredibly frustrating.

But the challenge wasn't to connect to the internet every day, it was to write, and the writing I am doing, so mission accomplished, I guess. It's a relatively small consolation, though, when I can't remember the last time I sat down and did some fiction writing. It's like a thorn in my side that just won't go away. A writer isn't himself when he isn't writing. Like everything else in life is just passing the time between writing sessions. Yes, it's that intoxicating. Which is probably why working in a bookstore is so boosting to my spirits. Books are drugs. Sexy, papery, hardbound, softbound drugs.

Starting in September, Kimmy and I may sign up for internet with AT&T, provided we can get a good deal. We've both been abusing the internet access on our phones, and our phones are kind of crappy and breaking down, so not the most reliable source for information. The clubhouse closes every evening, so I have to get there before then, which puts me on a stressful time crunch while simultaneously working around two jobs. And sometimes I just don't want to leave my apartment, dang it. I'd rather lounge on the couch where it's comfortable and there's food handy. (Like I'm doing now because this entry is being written in advance of posting.)

Not paying for the internet these past 5 months has definitely saved me money, which is helpful with the high costs of gas, but the second job is helping, too, though my hours did get cut dramatically at my first job for no good reason. (They're going back up next week, which means even less time to hunt down the internet.) So I think I can afford some cheap internet from here out. Life is going to get busier this fall and winter, what with the holidays and such approaching. I really don't want to put my blogs on hold. I like writing them, and they do bring in a tiny bit of welcome income about the time gift-giving season rolls around.

Hopefully next time I will have something more interesting to update with. Greg, Kimmy, and I bought discount tickets for the Michigan Renaissance Festival, but I don't think we'll be going until the 23rd of September. (Greg wants to be there for the beer tastings.) Labor Day is coming up, and I should actually have that off this year, so I want to do something fun for that. We'll see what I can squeeze in, I guess!

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