Sunday, September 30, 2012

DIY Street Fair 2012

Every year, the city of Ferndale, Michigan is host to the DIY Street Fair, centered around E 9 Mile and Woodward. Admission is free, and not only are there countless booths of handmade jewelry, T-shirts, crocheted and knitted goodies, photographs and other pieces of art, but food tables galore, mostly from local restaurants (a good way to sample a city's fare, if you ask me) and a beer tent. Oh, and let's not forget the live music, which you get to enjoy at no extra cost. And the carnival rides, which might have cost something. I didn't ride any both due to a lack of interest, and an injured back.

Greg and I grabbed atchafalaya chicken sandwiches from the Howe's Bayou stand. They were really delicious! I would definitely give that restaurant a try sometime. For dessert we got ice cream from Treat Dreams, a local ice cream shop that features unusual flavors such as honey lavender, lemon basil, ube (purple yam), and Sunday breakfast. They have traditional flavors, too, which aren't as fun, though they are certainly tasty. I got mint chocolate chip. Greg got Stoli salted caramel.

We wandered around a bit, admiring some things and being confused by others, and I picked up two pairs of really fun earrings. One pair features images of a Ouija board, and one earring says "Wicked" while the other says "All signs point to yes." The other pair of earrings were bought from the same place and say "dream" and "create." Both pairs of earrings were made out of pennies. Very cool use for our next to worthless currency, and the pennies made them a good size and weight.

Although Greg had originally wanted to go to the fair to see one of the bans that was to play later that evening, the music for that stage was so loud and badly done, that we ended up leaving early and taking a stroll through Rust Belt Market, open late for the occasion. If you've never been to Rust Belt, and you live in the Detroit Metro area, do so! It's really fun and filled with antiques, crafts, donuts, handmade soaps, and local coffee. Rust Belt is only open on weekends, though, so plan your trip carefully.

I'm sorry that I don't have any pictures to share. The phone that I used to take the pictures recently drown, taking with it all my photos before I could send them to my email. (Very sad face.) I guess you'll just have to click the links and enjoy all the pretty, colorful pictures there.

Next year I'd like to re-visit the DIY Street Fair, hopefully with more money.

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