Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Family and Friends

After announcing that I'd be updating on Sundays, I totally skipped the next Sunday. I did have access to the internet, but I was in Kalamazoo celebrating my grandfather's birthday with my family. His birthday is actually today, but this being Tuesday, we celebrated over the weekend because it was easier to get people together.

I'm actually surprised at how many people managed to make it. I saw my cousins, whom I don't see very often anymore now that there are in-laws involved in the holidays and what-not, which makes gathering at the holidays somewhat difficult. (I'm lucky in that my boyfriend's family does their Christmas celebration on Christmas Eve while my family's is on Christmas Day. Also, both families are in the same state.)

Since I worked until midnight on Saturday, Kimmy and I awoke at 8am on Sunday and were on the road to Kalamazoo before 9, arriving by 11. I was actually pretty impressed at our good timing. Most things were set out for the cook-out at 1, so although Kimmy and I were prepared to help set up, we instead got to relax for a bit in the living room (television!) and on the patio and catch up with the latest family news. My mother's boyfriend told us about the new job he'll be starting soon, and we heard about the problems they've been having re-doing the bathroom (which I think looks very nice, contractor issues aside), and we told them about our new roommate who was officially moved in as of that day, though I hadn't officially met her yet due to my intense work schedule that week. (I had one 14 hour day followed by a 12 hour day.)

Then the guests started arriving and there was more catch-up time. My baby nephew was awake and bright-eyed, and my younger niece passed out papers to everyone on which she had drawn a heart in different colors of crayon. I put mine on my fridge when I got home because that is what fridges are for. (They are also for putting post cards on, of which I have many.)

There were burgers, hot dogs, pasta salad, potato salad, cheesy potatoes, blueberry pie, and apple-walnut cake. By the end of the party, Kimmy and I were quite stuffed and feeling lethargic. We stayed and visited for a couple more hours, watched a caught-on-camera show, then made the trek home. We don't usually make the trip to Kalamazoo and back in one day, so it didn't feel like only that morning that we had left. Bri, our new roommate, was waiting for us when we got home. While Kimmy and I unwound from our long day, we all three hung out in the living room, and I showed Bri my collection of NES games and working NES that's hooked up to the TV.

It's good to spend time with family, and it is also good to make new friends. I'd say the weekend was quite successful, even it did come after 44 hours of work!

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