Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Another Busy Weekend, Another Chapter in Life Begins

According to the Western World's figuring of age, this past Saturday, I turned thirty. Three zero. I am in my third decade. And how do I feel? Accomplished. I did more in my twenties than I ever dreamed I would when I was a little kid. Sure, back then, I thought I'd be married by now, possibly even have a child like parents before me (my father was thirty when I was born), but the world has also changed.

When I was twenty-five, I uprooted myself and moved to California. Boy, what a ride that was! Moving to San Francisco was a dream I'd had as a kid, and had mostly shelved after college. I might not have come back to Michigan if my father had not become ill and eventually passed away (though San Francisco is outrageously expensive, and I had to survive off of free day-old bagels for a couple of months there). I am glad that I did move back, though, because it meant meeting Greg, and my relationship with him is truly one of my greatest accomplishments. 

Funny story. I remember thinking way back then that it was okay for me to be a fan of the San Francisco Giants - that I wasn't betraying the Tigers - because what were the odds that they'd ever play each other in the World Series? Pretty damn good, as it turns out! Or maybe I jinxed myself. Since the Giants won in 2010 (I was back in Michigan at that point, so I missed out on the revelry), I would be especially pleased if the Tigers won this time. Though I'll honestly be happy with either outcome. (Sorry, Michiganders! Go, Tigers!)

Since I spent last year in Ann Arbor celebrating my birthday with friends, I decided to travel to Kalamazoo this year and spend it with friends I don't see very often and family, whom I also don't see very often. My older niece shares my birthday and turned thirteen (she is not an official member of the internet), so it was very cool to celebrate with her again. She is blossoming into one awesome chica. 

The night of my birthday, my roomie Kimmy, my boyfriend Greg, and I carpooled down to my favorite spot in Kalamazoo, Olde Peninsula Brewpub. It was interesting as the place had been invaded by zombies. I am glad I had a heads up that Kalamazoo was trying to break Grand Rapids record of the most zombies in one place because I can't imagine anyone's reaction to seeing zombies popping up as we drove down the street. I was highly amused and quickly lost count when we tried to play "Count the Zombies." Some excellent quotes include, "Was that a zombie? I thought it was a hipster," and "They've gained technology! SHIT!"

Sunday the 21st marked two years since my father passed. He has definitely made his presence known since then. Kimmy has reported hearing a man's voice in the house and seeing strange lights in the hallway at night. My mother told me last week that the lights above the mantel turned themselves on mysteriously, and that another time she saw Pa and he gave her a kiss. Plus, just a few days ago, my sister-in-law was filming my baby nephew crawling across the floor and captured orbs of light zipping around him rather in the fashion of lightening bugs. She re-filmed the area a few times trying to recreate the lights, but they did not appear again. It's possible their house is haunted, but it makes sense to me that the baby is just receiving a visit from his proud and happy Grandpa. 

My life has changed a lot in the last couple of years, so turning thirty really only felt like a minor step up. Hopefully, it continues to feel that way, and I will have just as many adventures in my thirties as I did in my twenties. Positive ones. I've really had my fill of negativity lately. I don't think I mentioned that I broke my toe last week. To end this on a positive note, I should get my car back by Wednesday, and I have Halloween night off, which means shenanigans! Whoooo! My next update will probably about our upcoming Halloween party. (I'm excited.)

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