Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween 2012 Part I

First off, I need to share this image that I made with everyone. My apartment is currently located on the edge of the giant storm that is about to clash with Hurricane Sandy, which prompted my roommate Bri to head out and buy candles and extra batteries while I took stock of my canned goods and assembled what candles and lighters I could find in the apartment on the dining room table just in case
Anyway. To kick off the Halloween celebrations, my boyfriend Greg and I went to the Ann Arbor Michigan Theater's showing of Nosferatu with live organ accompaniment, which, apparently, they do every year. The man who plays the organ does the score himself and changes it up every year so as to keep things interesting for returning patrons, which I think is pretty damn impressive, not to mention that he plays basically nonstop for the entire film, which has to take some stamina. 

I believe this is the first time outside of a church that I have listened to organ music on this scale, and the effect is quite different from church services. I found that the full range of the organ was displayed while accompanying the film. Not only was there eerie music, but church bells donging out the time, knocks on doors, and the rat-a-tat-tat of a drummer delivering a message to the town. Very cool. And the Michigan Theater's organ is the original organ that was installed in the 1920s, one of only about 40 still in their original homes in the United States today. 

As slow, somewhat simple, and plagiaristic as Nosferatu may be, I do like that it is the woman who figures out how to defeat the vampire and saves everyone's asses in the end. Though I have always thought that Ellen (Nos' version of Dracula's Mina) looked like a man. For years I wondered if German women really were just that masculine looking, but a trip to Germany in 2006 informed me that not all of them are. I will say that the Germans do tend to be a hardy folk, but I don't see this as a bad thing. 


On Saturday night, my apartment was host to a Halloween party. Not everyone who said they would showed up, but I think it was a great turnout anyhow. At one point, we did seem pretty filled to the gills in here. And we had so much food! I really didn't expect there to be so much. We're supplied on nachos for the next season. 

There was also some Halloween-themed music, good conversation, and the best party game ever, Telestrations. If you're familiar with Apples to Apples, Telestrations is better. If you're sick of Apples to Apples, try moving on to Telestrations. I seriously doubt you will be disappointed. Telestrations has a point system that we regularly ignore because the hilarity that ensues is reward enough.

I am hoping that tonight Greg and I can go on a haunted hayride. If so, that will be mentioned in Halloween 2012 Part II, which will be the title of next week's blog (unless some serious shit goes down before then, which really wouldn't surprise me considering the way things have been going lately). We're hoping to be able to go to this free haunted house thingy in Ann Arbor on Halloween night. We'll see about that, too.

Happy Halloween, folks! (And bitches!)

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