Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Return of the Skeletons

I'm terribly sorry for not updating this sooner. On Sunday, which this blog is about, I was out all day with my mother and boyfriend, Greg, in Northville, then had our weekly game night. Then on Monday, when I had planned to update, I was involved in a car accident. I'd say I'm fine, but the doctor I saw this morning about a sore neck sent me to get X-rays after she found a very sensitive spot on my spine. The jury is still out on the well-being of my car, as well. The front end was smashed in, though the engine was untouched, and I was able to drive it to the mechanic's shop. 
A Northville home overtaken by spiders.
Anyway, I wanted to post about Sunday's adventure. I've often told my mother about the various festivals and so forth that Greg, my roommate Kimmy, and I attend in Northville, MI. Since she decided to visit this past Sunday, I thought it would be fun to show her around Northville since it has such an adorable downtown, plus the internet informed me that the skeletons were back. Not too far from downtown are also Mill Race Village, which is open to the public complete with docents on Sundays, and Parmenter's Northville Cider Mill

Greg, Kimmy, and I went to Parmenter's last year and enjoyed cider, donuts, and a free wine tasting. We ended up buying a bottle of their cherry wine, one of the best cherry wines I have ever tasted. This year, my mother and I also enjoyed their cider and donuts, as well as a brief wine and hard cider tasting. We also discovered a little craft fair and quite the crowd! If I had known ahead of time, I would have brought cash and made a few purchases. My mother bought a nice dragonfly necklace, and by pooling our change together, I did walk away with a 1/4 pound of smooth and creamy chocolate mint fudge. 

Back downtown, we wandered through the shops that were open on Sunday, such as my favorite, Gardenviews. I always love to go in and see how they've decorated for the seasons. It's a store that I knew when first I found it that my mother would love, and I was not mistaken. Anyone visiting Northville must stop by. 

We next wandered to the Mill Race Village, and when it began to rain, we returned to downtown and grabbed some warm beverages from Next Chapter Bookstore and Bistro. There I had more hot cider, this time with spices and whipped cream on top. It was wonderful! And there was some lively banter with the man taking our orders.

Outside, along the street, we enjoyed viewing all the skeletons on display. Greg and I recognized some from last year (the skateboarders were back, as well as the old skeleton with the walker, though she was in a different spot), but there were definitely some new ones, some of which I have pictured here throughout this entry. 

I love it when a community gets together to do something clever to celebrate the season. I don't have any pictures because it was dark, but while picking up a pizza from downtown Belleville, Greg and I discovered the main street was lined with scarecrows! It's a contest, and anyone who'd like to may enter their own designed and decorated, life-size scarecrow. I wish I had known about it sooner so I could have put one together. Something to keep in mind for next year, I suppose. 

I think now I should take it easy, make some hot cocoa, or maybe eat a bowl of ice cream. I'm feeling a little sore from the accident. Alas!

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