Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween 2012 Part II

I wish I had more of an update. Greg and I ended up not going to the haunted hay ride because I was feeling too sick. I continued to feel sick off and on over the next few days, including on Halloween night. 

I was actually a little surprised that we didn't have any trick-or-treaters at our apartment. Our doors face the outside world (as opposed to an inside hallway like the previous apartment), and I know there are tons of children around here. It's probably good that they didn't stop by, though, since the three of us all forgot to buy candy. Even our party on the previous Saturday was candy-less. 

Since my dragon horns broke a few days before, and my attempt to fix them did not work out, I had to come up with a new costume. I decided on a demon-ish thingie. I clipped my hair up with two barrettes shaped like bat wings, did my eyes all dark, and bought fake black nails from CVS that I had half a dozen compliments on since I refuse to take them off because they look so cool. Seriously, everyone thinks I got some high-end manicure, but nope. I think they were $7, and I probably have enough nails in there to put on another set once these fall off. 

While waiting for Greg to get off work and come get me, I played with make-up and nails in my room while watching the original Dark Shadows on my laptop. (I'm only on episode 100, so no vampires yet, just some ghosts and attempted corporate takeovers.) Then we headed out to explore downtown Ann Arbor because everything Halloweeny seemed to have shut down. It's like Halloween was canceled or something.

As we passed by the Ravens Club on Main, we found a sign out front attached to the window advertising live New Orleans jazz music. Being hungry, and having been intrigued by the Ravens Club for some time without ever having gone inside, we decided to pop in and have a late dinner if the kitchen was still open. It was. I ordered the roasted chicken on a bed of greens with an herb butter sauce that was fabulous, and Greg got rabbit gnocchi, which he also enjoyed.

I was told by a friend that the Ravens Club is where the local bartenders go to drink. I believe it, too, because the drink menu is both fancy and extensive. It's the second place I have seen "sidecar" on the menu. (The other being Old Town Tavern, also in Ann Arbor, a block over from Main.) I ended up ordering the #2, a vodka cocktail with blackberry puree, among other goodies. I believe Greg ordered the New York Sour, which had egg white in it, which I think is weird. It tasted all right, though. 

The music was a bit loud, but enjoyable, and we were not the only people dressed up for the holiday. A few tables over was a girl being mauled by a bear. She had strapped a giant teddy bear to her back and smeared fake blood all over her throat and T-shirt. Two Waldoes walked in while we were eating, one male and one female. I don't remember any other costumes specifically. I thought the being mauled by a bear one was clever and told my roommate Bri she should do that next year. Bro is from Alaska, and somehow Alaska and being mauled by a bear go together in my head. 

After dinner and drinks, I wanted ice cream, so Greg and I drove over to Steak 'n Shake in Ypsi for some milkshakes. I suddenly realized that I hadn't had their seasonal shakes yet, an activity I used to partake in every year in Kalamazoo. I got a caramel apple milkshake and Greg got the new winter seasonal white chocolate shake with sprinkles. 

When we left Steak 'n Shake at about one in the morning, we noticed two people making out in the back seat of the car parked in front of us, much to our amusement. I think this should be the new trend. Next Halloween, everyone go to Steak 'n Shake and make-out in the parking lot. It could be fun! Those two certainly seemed to be enjoying themselves. If you don't have a Steak 'n Shake near you, then you just miss out. Southern Californians, I suggest you try Vegas.

Happy fall, everybody!

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