Monday, November 26, 2012


This year for Thanksgiving, instead of driving to Kalamazoo to have dinner with my family, I stayed on this side of the state and had dinner with my boyfriend Greg's family. I'm not sure if I've ever done Thanksgiving with a significant other's family before. Christmas, yes. Possibly New Year's. Maybe other holidays. But Thanksgiving seems to have been largely reserved for my own clan.

Greg and I helped prepare dinner with his aunt, who was hosting. I made herb butter for the rolls while Greg made the stuffing for the turkey. I also assembled the salad complete with homemade dressing per the recipe in his aunt's Thanksgiving dinner three ring binder. I really think having a binder or notebook with recipe pertaining to a specific holiday is a pretty grand idea. Especially when those holidays have certain requirements or expectations. Like turkey, and stuffing, and casseroles. You know what I mean.

There were only five of us at dinner, which is small for me when it comes to family gatherings. Greg's mother had left that morning to spend Thanksgiving with her daughter's family, so that lowered the numbers some. I enjoyed myself, and the food was fabulous!

On Saturday, my roommate Kimmy and I popped some Christmas music into my car stereo and headed to Kalamazoo for a gathering of my family. Greg was working, so he couldn't come with us. Along the way, we stopped at Sweetwaters Donut Mill for the best donuts ever. I later had a red velvet cake donut with Neapolitan ice cream on top. It was so delicious. 

It was great to see my brother and his family again. My baby nephew is crawling now and can even pull himself upright with the use of immobile objects. He tried to pull himself up using the dog's tail, but it didn't work out.

We were supposed to decorate my mother's Christmas tree, however, the box of ornaments were nowhere to be found. Until after half the guests had left for home and Kimmy and I went down to the basement to retrieve our own Christmas tree to bring back to Belleville with us. Kimmy found the ornaments tote against the wall beneath another tote. So she and I ended up decorating the tree with my mother and her new friend. We also all watched National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, a family tradition. (God, I love that movie. Minus the part with the cat. That bit annoys me.)

So Thanksgiving was a success for me, and I even managed to relax a little! And today, I had the tastiest leftover turkey sandwiches. Slices of juicy white turkey meat between an everything pretzel bagel slim with a slice of Muenster cheese warmed in the microwave for 30 seconds. Little slice of food paradise.

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