Sunday, December 9, 2012

Craft Fairs Around Ann Arbor

There are many street, art, and craft fairs throughout the Ann Arbor and Detroit Metro areas all through the spring and summer, such as the DIY Street Fair I attended in Ferndale in Septembe, and the Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair that I missed this year, but explored last year. During the month of December, however, many craft fairs pop up just in time to buy presents for the winter holidays. 

This past Saturday was host to a number of craft fairs. I had intended to go to DIYpsi, but since I worked at 2pm downtown, I elected to check out Tiny Expo at 220 Felch Street, just a few blocks north of Crazy Wisdom. 

One of the locations hosting Tiny Expo was Metal, a "design and fabrication studio." It was fun to wander around the cramped, industrial complex, and there were some really cool T-shirts and jewelry that I would have been more interested in if I'd had more money. This isn't to say items were overpriced, I am just poor, and I've already spent a lot of money on presents this month. 

I recognized a few vendors from the Ferndale DIY Street Fair, such as the guy selling T-shirts of various creatures being kidnapped by aliens. I would love the pirates being kidnapped by aliens T-shirt, but I just don't have the money. My roommate Kimmy particularly enjoyed Bigfoot being kidnapped by aliens. 

The other shop playing host to Tiny Expo was Pot & Box, a container gardening store. I don't know about Bri, but Kimmy and I were quite delighted by the discovery of Pot & Box. I was thinking that perhaps if I made little gardens in clear glass containers, the cats would be discouraged from destroying them. Or they would go all Godzilla on them. An experiment that must wait until I have more disposable income, I think. 

A friend of mine recently participated in a craft fair out in Kalamazoo, and this has bolstered my hope to have a table myself one day. I guess that means I need to get cracking this winter and add more to my box of crafts. So far it is filled with reusable coffee sleeves. I've succeeded in making two kinds of hats and some fingerless gloves, so I thought I would make sets of matching gloves, hats, and scarves. 

Keep calm and craft on!


  1. I came across your blog by chance, but I'm glad I did. I was actually thinking of moving to Ann Arbor because Detroit is tough living. I've been here since August and I've been hunting for work. No luck. The fact that so much craftiness is going on in Ann Arbor makes me very happy. You've earned yourself a follower.

    1. Welcome! I hope you find my posts useful! :)