Sunday, December 23, 2012

Eight Days A Week

Today marked 7 days in a row of working. I work again tomorrow, which means I will have worked 8 days in a row, a feat I have not managed in many months. Once, back in 2006, I believe, I worked every single day during the month of December minus 2 days. I spent the 3rd of the month moving in the aftermath of an ice storm, and Christmas day, when all 3 of my places of employment were closed. I remember feeling like a total zombie and concluding that I could never do such a thing ever again.

Much to my surprise, this week turned out to be not entirely exhausting. Only once did I work both jobs in the same day. The rest of the time was one job at a time with no more than 6 hours at a stretch. I think I did very well! And I don't feel like killing anyone. (Of course, there is still tomorrow...)

Today, since I only worked 2 hours, I was able to have enough free time to pick up some wine for Christmas at my mother's plus a last minute gift, then come home, relax, eat a microwavable burrito that was really more like beef stew wrapped in a tortilla than a burrito (still tasty), and take my roommate Kimmy to the airport. She is off to visit her friends and family in California through the new year. Bon voyage, Kimmy! Your kitty Sawyer already misses you. He pooped on the floor in protest.

I was later joined at home by my other roommate Bri and her boyfriend. We sat and chatted while they dined on Thai food and awaited my own boyfriend's arrival. Then the four of us gathered around the TV and Greg figured out how to re-hook up my VCR so we could watch and heckle A Muppet Family Christmas, which I don't remember ever watching, and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Yes, the movie from 1964. Santa was such a dick! And I think we determined that Hermey might have had his gender reassigned at birth, or was possibly a drag king. Good times.

Trivia: Billie Mae Richards, the actress who voiced Rudolph continued acting through 2004 when she appeared in a Care Bears short video. She passed away in 2010.

Well, sine this is the night before Christmas Eve, I will bid everyone good night, good luck, and a very happy Christmas!

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