Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Being Sick

The problem with working 6 days a week is that I don't have time to recover from being sick. Sunday, my only day off, was spent sipping tea on the couch watching episodes of True Blood until about 5pm when my boyfriend Greg came to pick me up for Game Night because I didn't feel well enough to drive so far on my own. 

Monday morning is when the illness really hit me, though, and not only is my next day off not until next Sunday, I picked up extra hours this week selling books at an authors forum on Saturday. My throat was on fire and feeling a little swollen, my voice was weak, and my nose stuffy. Since Monday was also my only guaranteed day to spend time with Greg, I sucked it up and picked a low key activity. 

We went to see Warm Bodies, the new zombie romance movie. It was actually pretty funny! It also had some cute moments and I think was trying to make a broader statement about humanity not connecting with one another in an age of personalized technology (iPhones, PSPs, etc), but I didn't feel beat over the head with it, and if it was the moral, it was a weakly put forth one (okay by me!). When I got to work that night (a mostly quiet night of checking in books and helping people at the counter so I could sit and rest a lot of the time), I looked up the book the film was based on at our supplier's website. They had two different paperback versions that we could order - one with a movie cover and the other without - both on back order. Oh well. I'll check again later. I think the book might be worth reading. 

I was going to update this blog when I got home last night after work, but I just felt too crappy, so instead, I ate pizza rolls then a bowl of a chocolate paczki and ice cream, my comfort foods that I picked up from Busch's on my way home. Shopping in a regular grocery store is weird for me now (I tend to stick to the alternative markets since I work in one and am generally horrified by all the poisonous elements they put in American food). Busch's is a very nice, clean grocery store - almost fancy with its brown and gold tones! - that is proud of being from Michigan and selling Michigan products, both things that I support. But I was still relieved to get out of there. It made me feel almost agoraphobic.

This morning, my throat is very much swollen. I had a hard time swallowing the paczki I had for breakfast, and I can barely talk. Looks like it's ice cream and tea the rest of the day! Until I have to go into work, that is. Then I think I will have to pack some iced tea to take with me. If I feel any worse tomorrow, then I may have to call in sick since I have sick time at that job that I can use. It isn't enough to cover an entire day, but it's better than nothing. I hate being poor.

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