Monday, July 8, 2013

If You Seek A Pleasant Peninsula, Look About You

When I was a kid, my family and I went camping at least once every summer. Camping is an inexpensive, relaxing vacation that I still enjoy. Sadly, it's difficult to get time off to go, so you can imagine I was pretty excited when not only was I able to get time off to join my mother and the regular camping group for a few days over the 4th of July holiday this year, but my boyfriend Greg was able to get the same days off so he could join us!

Usually, when camping, I get a lot of reading and writing done, one of the reasons I look forward to it. Being at home, I often depress myself with how little I am able to get done of my long list of Things To Do. I did get a fair amount of reading done on my two day vacation, but writing was my main hope, and only a couple lines were completed. Nature, however, I found very inspiring, as I always do, and that's worth something.

Being away from general society at least gives one pause. The mind is surrounded by a different environment that must be interacted with in a different way than the more familiar, everyday. It's a real break, and I was in sore need of a break. I haven't gotten too much writing since returning, granted, but today I have completed two loads of laundry, run the dishwasher, gone through another box from moving, updated my blog (or will have upon clicking "publish"), and should soon have time to run two errands before heading into work tonight at 5. I've also managed to watch a few episodes of classic Doctor Who, carrying my laptop from room to room as I worked. 

I keep telling myself that once I get all the other pressing responsibilities finished (unpacking, mostly, since we moved at the end of March and it's now July), I will take an entire day and sit and write. That might require another camping trip. On the plus side, Greg is taking a camping trip of his own in a couple weeks and will be gone for over 2 weeks, and that should give me plenty of free time to get things done. We'll see!

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