Monday, October 28, 2013

How I Spent My Birthday (And the Day After)

My boyfriend Greg and I wanted to visit a haunted house this Halloween season. Since Halloweekends at Cedar Point offers many different themed haunted attractions in one convenient location, and we missed going last year, we decided to head there for my birthday this year. A couple of years ago, we went with a large group of friends, but this time, it was just the two of us.

The night before, though, one of my oldest friends Robin came out to visit from the Michigan lakeshore (so quite a drive to Ann Arbor). We dined on some very delicious bento at Miki on 1st St in downtown Ann Arbor. I'd never been there before, but walked by it many times on my way to and from work. Robin and I both love Japanese food - in fact, she is pretty good at making it herself - and had also noticed Miki on her way to meeting me downtown. Greg drove downtown and joined us after Robin and I had some time to chat and catch up. Good conversation accompanied by wonderful food is one of my favorite pastimes. 

My birthday was on a Sunday, so we headed down then, not realizing that Halloweekends closes early on Sundays and half the haunted attractions aren't open. (Sad, sad times.) The lines weren't long, though, which was a nice bonus. We immediately rode the carousel just inside the front park gates since I haven't ridden one in years, and it reminded me of Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury. (Good novel and film, though the two are quite different from each other.) Then we played in the arcade and went to my favorite roller coaster (and really the only one I will happily go one because I don't generally fine roller coasters completely terrifying and nausea-inducing), the Iron Dragon. It goes whoosh! 

Since all of the signs we came across said the indoor haunted attractions didn't open until 3pm (turns out it was actually noon on Sundays), we also took in the singing show at the Saloon, which wasn't bad. I didn't even realize Cedar Point had one of those. I guess CP is more like Disneyland than I thought. After that, we started making the rounds to the haunted houses. The first one was so dark that it really wasn't scary because I couldn't see the monsters as they came at me. I couldn't even see the exit most of the time and had to stop and fumble around with my hands. (Which is how I found some of the monsters as they tried to skirt out of my way.)

We would have had just enough time to visit all of the haunted houses before the park closed, but the last one was the zombie high school in the front, so the line was very, very long, and since I am not fond of zombies really at all (I've written a few stories about killing the mindless f*****s), I decided the photobooth and getting home not absurdly late sounded more fun.

The next day, the day after my birthday, was the third anniversary of my father's passing. When one of my managers asked how long it had been, and I told her three years, she exclaimed, "Oh, I didn't realize it was so recent!" 

It's true, three years doesn't sound like much. Time is funny that way. I spent under three years living in California, yet it seems like a lifetime. In less than three years, my brother got married and he and his wife had a baby who is now toddling around and talking. In that same time, I met Greg and we're now living together. Kimmy moved to Michigan, stayed through two leases, and moved back to California, where she's been living for half a lease now. Another close friend of the family met his current fiancee, dated her, and proposed. They're getting married in less than a month. That's a lot of stuff! And all in "only" three years. 

I planned ahead of time and took the day off of work. I probably always will. I spent most of the day in my PJs and got caught up on the TV shows I am currently following. My father really seemed to like TV. He watched a lot of it, and taped the ones he thought he was going to miss. I think he would have been a big fan of all this "TV when you want it" thing. He was also a big reader - I inherited many of his books - and a gardener. I think he had time for all of his hobbies because he was an insomniac, something I also inherited. I mostly leave the gardening to Greg since he is far more knowledgeable than myself. 

October is usually a high energy month for me with all kinds of things that I want to get done. Not this time. On my rare free days, I mostly laid low, not even decorating for my beloved Halloween until halfway through the month. I still haven't watched any of my usual Halloween movies. I guess I just don't have the energy this year. Life is becoming progressively more tiring. While trying to get everything done here at the apartment (we're still only 2/3 unpacked since moving at the end of March) and all the troubles happening at work, I have had no time to write, and without writing, there is nothing really worth living for. I would probably be more upset by this if I weren't so exhausted all the time. 

If so much has happened in the previous 3 years, I am not sure I want to handle 3 more. Better to let them slip quietly by until they stop coming. And on that note, I battle the demon that is sleep. Or not-sleep to be more precise. Bring on the Benadryl! 

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