Monday, October 21, 2013

Secret Chiefs 3 and Goblin

Last week, I wrote about seeing Spencer Michaud at Crazy Wisdom and ZZ Ward in Detroit. Here is a continuation of our musical weekend with Secret Chiefs 3 and Goblin at the Crofoot in Pontiac.

Secret Chiefs 3, an instrumental rock group that likes to wear hooded robes while performing, is led by Trey Spruance, who used to be in Mr. Bungle and Faith No More, bands I listened to once upon a time. I didn't know that's who it was at the show, though, because Greg never mentioned it. I really enjoyed their performance! The keyboardist really got into his playing and was fun to watch. Since we standing off the left of the stage, the keyboardist was the easiest one to keep an eye on, but still, I liked him best. There was also an occasional violinist, and I love when rock bands use traditional instruments in their songs. In this case, it gave the music a sort of spooky sound, which was perfect for October. (Or anytime for me.) The drummer was the only one who performed without a hood, possibly because he had a gorgeous mane of hair that would be a crime to hide.

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When SC3 left the stage, it was clear much of the audience had been there to see them as the room that had been so filled with enthusiastic fans during the performance quickly lost about half its occupants. The people who replaced them were... Well, it was quite the eclectic crowd. There were hardcore metal fans, hipsters (Greg assumed they were film nerds), goths, club girls, and what I can only describe as hillbillies. Greg was there because he is a film nerd and knew about Goblin via the soundtracks to old Italian horror movies by Dario Argento (though he looks far more goth than hipster). I went because it sounded cool.

Goblin, a progrock (progressive rock) band from Italy, had maybe triple the keyboards at their disposal as there were two keyboardists, and the one set up in front of us had even more keyboards stacked before him than the guy from SC had. They were pretty awesome! I couldn't help being reminded, though, of the anime Black Heaven, which featured an android heavy metal keyboardist with multiple arms. *cough*

During some of the songs, clips were played of the movies to which the songs belonged. It was rather gruesome at times. I am not a fan of gore and only slightly of the macabre. (I prefer the supernatural.) Thus I ended up ignoring the giant screen behind the band for much of the time it had images on it. The soundtracks, though, were totally groovy, and I see why the band became popular as a result.

If you like your hard rock with a twist, have no particular affinity for lyrics you can't understand anyway, or can appreciate the nuance of soundtrack, check either of these bands out. I am definitely not a metal head, and bass that made me feel like I was being lifted off the floor was an intriguing feeling if not exactly pleasurable, but I still enjoyed both bands very much. I'd definitely buy a SC3 album and listen to it in my car. Possibly also Goblin, though the images associated with the music I did see were disturbing enough that I don't think I'd want to listen to the soundtracks alone with those connotations.

But it's good for Halloween!

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