Wednesday, November 13, 2013


I haven't been as active lately as I was last month and the month before. Mostly, I have been working. Since I really do like both of my jobs, that isn't necessarily a bad thing. We have been having a persistent issue at Crazy Wisdom, which has been stressful for everyone, and, of course, getting ready for Christmas at Catching Fireflies. With Hanukkah coming so early this year, we have also been quite busy with helping folks pick out and wrapping Hanukkah gifts! 

There have been a couple of highlights there, though. Crazy Wisdom participated in the Main Street Halloween Treat Parade, which was a lot of fun! It isn't a parade, really. Kids from the surrounding area come trick or treating up and down Main Street at all the participating stores and restaurants. So even though I worked all day from 10am to 10:30pm, I still got to hand out treats and be a part of Halloween festivities! I was dressed all day as the White Rabbit from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, but a coworker in the tea room pointed out that since I was wearing a top hat, I should probably more properly have been the March Hare. (Yay for literature nerds! :D We're the best.)

Crazy Wisdom also had its annual store meeting which is always fun because it's the only time of year that everyone who works for the store is together in one place. We get bagels and mimosas, and I never realized until now how good the coffee we serve could be. (I generally prefer tea to coffee, and that is the specialty of the tea room after all.) This year, we also invited a woman who is very much a close part of the Crazy Wisdom community to lead a blessing ceremony invoking the Goddess that I very much enjoyed. It was incredibly empowering! The energy in the room was just amazing, an the fresh cut herbs she brought in from her garden smelled divine. I think that I need a sacred herb garden. Maybe we can put one together on our deck this spring?

I don't usually consider myself sensitive to the energy of a place because I have seen it affect people far more than it usually affects me (becoming nauseated and suddenly getting pounding headaches and such). I have increasingly become more aware of it, though, I think, probably due to working at Crazy Wisdom. Also shifting between there and Catching Fireflies in the same day has made me more sensitive. Catching Fireflies is very colorful and whimsical and generally just a fun, upbeat place to be. It's also new. This is our first holiday season, so the energy is fresh and anticipatory. We're all excited to see what happens. Crazy Wisdom is very different from that. It's still fun, but in a more grandmotherly way. We've been at this location since 1999, and the the business is 7 months to the day older than I am. It's established. Starting my day at Catching Fireflies, with it's young, excited vibe, and ending at Crazy Wisdom, a warm, peaceful place, is the perfect rhythm. 

I want to remind people that this is still Movember and I am still accepting donations! I have so far received $1 from a generous customer at Catching Fireflies who overheard me telling my coworkers about what I was doing. He agreed that men's health is often overlooked and just as important as the ills that affect women. So if you have the time, please click on the image to the left and donate $1 to my team. 

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