Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Dream Seeding 2014

Last month, some coworkers, my boyfriend, and I built a dreamcatcher for a local yearly art show, Dream Seeding. I had intended to update with how we made the dreamcatcher, but that has proven to be such a long, involved update that I don't have time to finish it right now! I wanted to let people know about Dream Seeding, though, which is on display at the Michigan Union at 530 S. State St in Ann Arbor until February 27th. As soon as you enter the art lounge, you will see our awesome dreamcatcher. And it is really totally awesome. 

I would have worked on this yesterday, but Greg picked me up at work and took me out for a wonderful late Valentine's dinner. He and I both always work on Valentine's Day, so we didn't make plans together. However, Greg did show up at Crazy Wisdom, bringing me a rose, and then dinner after I sent him out to bring me a burrito. (He's awesome like that.) So we did end up eating together! It was just Chipotle over my break. 

Also, I have been very busy working on a short story for fast-approaching deadline on a steampunk anthology, and a column that I agreed to tackle for the Crazy Wisdom Community Journal. I am really excited about the column! I hope to keep writing for the Journal from here out. I am feeling more anxious about the short story. It ended in the way I had intended, but I don't like it. There is also a scene that I had to include due to the requirements of the anthology that seemed forced to me. If the anthology doesn't take it, I think I can shop around some, and I think I'd remove that scene. I wish there were more of a market for steampunk! (And romance stories.)

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