Monday, March 3, 2014

Writing Professionally

Several years ago, I wrote 7 semi-professional blog posts (more like articles, really) for the Codebelay Blog. I didn't continue with Codebelay (largely because it is fairly tech-centric and I am not at all), but I was inspired to start my own not nearly as professional blogs a couple of years later when I moved back to Michigan. (Check out my very first blog post about baking cookies while snowed in.)

Since then, apart from some odd little freelance review work, I have mostly been writing short stories and submitting them to magazines and anthologies, getting some accepted and others rejected, while also updating this blog and Adventures in Food and Word. I also work on novels on and off, both revising and new writing, I am just trying to build a name for myself and show that I am constantly working on writing by leaving a trail of story publications behind me. (And who could forget that year I wrote a haiku a day?)

Most recently, I have taken on the job of writing for the Crazy Wisdom Community Journal. It has been tremendous fun! For one thing, I am writing, and writing is the most awesome thing in the world (for me). I am also writing for a purpose other than my own sanity/amusement. I went to the Songbird Cafe today to meet up with some other ladies and pose for some photos for the upcoming issue. It was so much fun! (And I snapped a few pics of my own to share because the cafe is so cool.)

One of the women I met is a hooper and makes hula hoops. I have been wanting to get into hooping for at least a year now, so we talked about hoops and I eagerly told her I'd email her about getting one made. She also does fire dancing and circus performance, bot of which Greg and I are big fans of and sometimes go to shows. I wonder if we've seen her perform. It seems entirely possible. 

Talking with the editor of the Journal, I learned that they have more story ideas for me, which is great news! I am beyond excited to be working for the Journal. We had already discussed making this column I've been working on a regular one. More assignments would be a challenge, but in a good way. I am looking forward to it. And I promise I'll try really hard not to slack off on my blogs again. 

I keep giving more thought to pursuing an MFA in creative writing, too. I'm not thrilled about the monetary expense, though, and I was never sure where to obtain letters of recommendation since it has been nearly ten years since I got my BA. With this writing gig, though, I could ask one of the editors of the Journal to write a letter for me. I thought I might take a writing workshop at one of the local community colleges, too, and I am sure I would be able to get another letter from the teacher of that course. I hope I don't need more than two! Graduate school would have to be a rather distant goal, and the more time passes, the less I think I need the degree. I just really like writing! (And learning.)

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