Monday, May 12, 2014

Our Second Garden

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend Greg surprised me with a little blueberry bush just the perfect size for our apartment's balcony. I love blueberries! They are absolutely my favorite fruit and berry. Many summers of my childhood included picking trip to the various fruit farms once located around Kalamazoo County. (Most have since been converted to cookie-cutter subdivisions and Walmarts. ) 

This was the first addition to this year's balcony garden. We will be growing more potatoes this year because they did so well and were so delicious last year. (Here is a link to my post about last year's garden.) We are also growing kale, which will make me very happy to harvest, and many other greens and vegetables. Greg is also putting together a decorative pot of pretty plants and flowers. The one from last year was so abundant that it spilled through our balcony railing. Everyone who came to visit knew exactly which apartment was ours! 

This year, Greg decided to grow most of our plants from seeds rather than little plantlings. He diligently spritzes them with water every day to keep the soil moist, and the trays hang out on a cookie sheet on our table for some indirect sunlight. We've been putting the blueberry bush out during the day, but bringing it in at night because it's still pretty cold at night. (Or trying to.)

The problem with having plants in the house is that my lovely, loving, sweet step-kitty, Sawyer chows down on them like a fiend. When Memphis was a kitten, I had him pretty well trained that plants are not food, so he largely leaves them alone. Sawyer is usually much better about not getting on the table than Memphis is, unless we have the blueberry plant on the table, in which case, Sawyer will hang out there all day purring, chowing down, and rubbing his cheeks all over the branches. 

To help Sawyer with his plant problem, a little while ago Greg planted two little pots of cat grass. Sawyer nommed them so hard, they died. Sigh. There were still some seeds left over, though, so Greg planted another pot. Luckily, this stuff grows super fast, but I don't know if it can ever be hardy enough to keep with Sawyer's gnashing teeth. 

I can't wait until I can be in a house (even a rented one) and have a yard big enough to have a garden with more substantial plants. I am surprised, though, just how much we can grow on our balcony, which is a pretty good size for an apartment. Then maybe Greg can get that puppy he keeps pining over, and we can put up sturdier book shelves that are anchored to the wall. 

Happy spring, everyone! Here's to a good harvest.

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