Monday, June 23, 2014

Ann Arbor Book Festival 2014

This year's Ann Arbor Book Festival was even better than last year's! There was a street fair and we had a book crawl, which is like a pub crawl, except instead of drinking alcohol, you listen to writers read their work and talk about stuff. Apparently at the Vault of Midnight (local comic and game shop) event, the comic artist had his friends and family act out scenes from his comics, which is a really neat approach. 

At Crazy Wisdom, we had poets Dawn Richberg and Jill Halpern and true crime and memoir author Mardi Jo Link. Mardi was also the key note speaker of the writing conference, so I got to meet her twice, once at Crazy Wisdom and then again the next day at the luncheon where I was selling her book. She is a pretty cool lady with some interesting stories. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing her speak and talking with her. 

After the luncheon, I packed up and took over our booth at the street fair. I didn't wander around much, but it seemed like a good turnout. And Hello! Ice Cream was there selling gelato! That was the most delicious part of my day. The rest was very hot and very humid as I was basically standing in direct sunlight for four straight hours with few breaks. I slathered on sun screen thrice and tried to keep well hydrated. There is only a swipe of sun burn on my back where I couldn't reach with the sun block and my shirt didn't cover. 

I had some great conversations with attendants and my fellow booth sitters. I learned more about Art Prize in Grand Rapids, which I have never attended. I definitely want to check it out now. Violin Monster played on Main not too far from the fair, and I saw he added a dapper hat to his costume. I also kept noticing people posing against the wall of the alley across the street and snapping photos, so naturally I had to investigate that. Turned out there was a spiffy mural painted there! 

So even though I got a little too much sun, I still had fun at the street fair. Everyone seemed pretty pleased with the turn our and a few people said they couldn't wait for next year. Considering how much it has grown since last year, it will be fun to see what they come up with next year. 

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