Monday, June 16, 2014

Grow, Garden, Grow!

This is a follow-up to my post last month, Our Second Garden. In it, I talked about all the seeds we'd planted and the good harvest we were hoping to reap. I have sad news, everyone. We lost a lot of those little shoots to spring thunderstorms. When they were healthy enough, we put the trays outside to soak up the sunshine, but instead, they got poured on and many of the seeds were washed away. My beloved kale sustained the worst damage. There was hardly any soil left in the trays. (Moment of silence for the lost kale.)

The shoots that did survive ended up withering under brutal summer sun that popped in to surprise us after the storms. It was a very sad week for us. Luckily for Sawyer, his cat grass survived, though he has since nommed it down to almost nothing, and it is struggling to come back. It stays outside for now to take advantage of the sun. Sawyer keeps a careful eye on it everyday, monitoring its progress.

Greg decided to get some already thriving plants and some friends generously gave us some leftover onions. The onions have really taken off! Look at these pictures I took of their progress:
Go, onions! Whoo-hoo! 

We also now have a tomato plant that has grown up quite tall very quickly and is currently baring fruit, and Greg picked two huge cucumbers off that plant a couple days ago. The escarole that came back from last year (didn't know escarole did that) is going nuts in its pot, and the replacement spinach is also looking quite full. It's almost time for some olive oil, ground sea salt, and a frying pan. Yum-my! 

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