Monday, June 9, 2014

Why I Like Burlesque

Burlesque is beautiful. And not because I get to see a bunch of sparkly titties spin hypnotically on an otherwise bare torso, though it certainly has its charm. No. It's not that.

I like burlesque because women of all shapes and sizes perform burlesque and they are all cheered and appreciated. Big boobs, little boobs, drooping boobs, perky boobs, bouncy butts, no butts, they are all there. Women with tattoos, surgery scars, and cellulite are all up there moving and shaking and having a damn fine time doing it. Tall, petite, slender, or boxy, doesn't matter.

Some women make all of their costume pieces entirely from scratch because they are badass seamstresses. Others piece together disparate clothing items because they have good eyes and are skilled coordinators. And all - all - are good dancers. I didn't say they're all great dancers, though many are obviously quite skilled, I said good. When you are confident enough to get up in front of a room full of strangers and share your creativity and your body, you are good. In fact, that might automatically make you great.

Burlesque may be sexy and naughty in one light, but it is a sexy and naughty art form. These women - and occasionally men! - are artists sharing their creative souls. They build costumes, choose music, choreograph routines, and then perform. That's a damn lot of work! And they show a lot of bare skin, which takes courage. 

So when I watch a burlesque show, I don't just see a bunch of hotties with nice tits and asses, I see strong, proud, talented artists performing their craft. And that is sexy.

Click here to read about my time at the Inaugural Michigan Burlesque Festival in Detroit 2013

Follow this link to the Facebook page of the Detroit Dizzy Dames, my favorite local troupe. 

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