Monday, July 21, 2014

Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair 2014

The third week of July means one thing in Ann Arbor: Art Fair. Love it or hate it (and a lot of local really, really hate it), the four individual art fairs that make up the entity that is the Ann Arbor Art Fair is truly an experience. I've only really attended once (the rest of the time I happened to be working downtown at the time and maybe ventured out during my dinner break), and that was in 2011. We only saw about half before being chased off by a summer storm. My then-roommate Kimmy had just moved from Los Angeles and was elated to be caught in a midsummer rain "just like in the movies!" I was less so. 

This year's weather was entirely different with temps in the 60s and lower 70s (it felt much like San Francisco) and I don't think there were any showers, though the clouds threatened the morning my boyfriend Greg and I ventured out to see the DeCamp Sisters perform at 11am by the Fountain Stage at U of M's campus. I was thankful I brought a light jacket with me because the wind was not kind. The dark Americana duo on stage was great, though! Greg and I ended up buying one of their EPs. I thought about getting a T-shirt, but I didn't really have the money for it and wanted to see what the rest of Art Fair had to offer first. 

As we wound our way up and down the crowded streets, Greg and I saw a lot of things that caught our eye. It's a shame they haven't invented a wedding registry for Art Fair (or have they?) because there were a great many things he and I would want for our home if only we had the money or kind people to buy them for us. (That's what weddings are for, right?) I found a cute pair of skull earrings with rhinestone eyes for only $5! So I bought them. I also splurged on a dress for $5 (white) and another for $10 (black). 

On the corner of Main and Liberty, we found our old friend the Violin Monster! He looked quite dapper in his hat and vest, and we noticed there is a new addition to his a case - an adorable wolf cub! The cub has its own little musical instrument, but I think it was too shy to play for us that day.

We also saw that living statue lady that I saw on my dinner break last year and, further down Liberty, a yellow Transformer! I had heard about this from a customer a week or two before: a little yellow car rolling around the street that suddenly unfolds itself into a person. I loved watching the shock on people's faces as what they thought had been a remote control toy turned out to be human. Humanoid. (Whatever. It could have been a real Transformer.)

Greg and I had a delicious lunch at Lena before finishing down Main St, stopping into Crazy Wisdom, then heading home. We spent very nearly the entire day at the Fair! I was glad I finally got to see all of it. And I really did have a great time! Also, we got a close and free parking spot. Sometimes being a local has its perks. ;)

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