Friday, July 4, 2014

"Valves & Vixens" Out in eBook

A bit late, maybe, but here I am announcing that my story "The Waiting Future" is officially available in eBook format in the wonderful steampunk erotica anthology Valves & Vixens(Here is the Amazon USA link if you must - go Hachette!) 

If you'd like to read a bit of what inspired me to write "The Waiting Future," I was invited by the editor Nicole Gestalt to write a blurb about the story and why I wrote it to be featured on her blog. Check it out now

The forward to Valves & Vixens was penned by Professor Elemental, which really has me excited! I was disappointed when we missed seeing him at Steamtopia. This was an unexpected consolation prize to be sure. If you also like the Professor and want to read this sexy book, Nicole Gestalt is offering a giveaway! (Scroll to the bottom for details.)

Not only am I working on another piece for Valves & Vixens volume 2, I have roped my writer boyfriend into writing one of his own! Things could get interesting...

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