Monday, July 28, 2014

What Am I Listening To?: Angela Predhomme

Angela Predhomme (seems to rhyme with "freedom") is an incredibly talented and award-winning singer and songwriter from Michigan competent in bouncy tunes, jazz, blues and more. I'm pretty sure she could compose any form of music she set her mind to and write some brilliant lyrics to go along. 

I first acquired her CD Let It Fall from the free item shelf at work. I have since found her other songs on Spotify and I have them on my playlist at my other job. (If anyone recognizes them, they have yet to tell me, but I did overhear someone singing along to the chorus of one song once. I couldn't tell if she had just caught on to the repeated words and liked what she heard or if she actually knew it. Either way, I was pleased.)

When Angela came to Crazy Wisdom's tea room, I was sure to be right up front on the couch to listen. (That is until I had to duck out early, so I only saw the first set.) She has an easy nature and seemed quite comfortable in front of an audience, sharing stories about what inspired her lyrics (such as "Redeemed," which was inspired by an overheard interview with a survivor of the terrible earthquake in Haiti) and how her daughter won third place in the infamous Duck Brand Duct Tape Stuck at Prom competition. (I am incredibly impressed with the outfits the young lady came up with. I'd never guess they were entirely made from duct tape. They're gorgeous, and they glow in the dark!)

It's hard for me to pick a favorite song from Let It Fall. "Life Is Gonna Be Great" (embedded below) is bouncy and uplifting - a good song to start the day. Although "Maybe I'll Sleep It Off" doesn't fit my current life scenario, I have definitely been there, and I use it as mood music for writing certain characters. Actually, I use a lot of her music for characters. It just creates a good creative atmosphere, and Angela's voice really sells the emotion.

Like I said earlier, Angela's music is on Spotify, so you don't have to be in Michigan to enjoy it. There are also a few videos on YouTube (to the animal lovers, I suggest "If I Could Love Like My Dog"), and you can check out tracks on her website. Do so!

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