Monday, August 25, 2014

Mead Tasting to Support Pagan Pathways Temple

Image taken from Pagan
Pathways Temple website.
Last Saturday, Greg and I got cleaned up and shiny and headed to Off the Beaten Path Books & Emporium, a steampunk bookshop in downtown Farmington, to partake in a mead tasting fundraiser for Pagan Pathways Temple. It was possibly the tastiest fundraiser I have ever attended. And it was nice to be able to wander freely through Off the Beaten Path. The last time we were there, our first time to this new location, was for another fundraiser for Pagan Pathways and the rooms were quite crowded with silent auction tables and people mingling. 

There were three tables of mead set up in the back room and a table of food. Since we had just eaten dinner, we opted for just the mead, and what a wonderful dessert it was. Two people highly recommended a particular mixed berry mead, so I went with that one first. It was, indeed, quite delicious, and I do not doubt I could do a significant amount of damage to an entire bottle. At the same table was possibly my favorite mead in the room. This really surprised me as the flavor was lemon orange, and I don't generally enjoy citrus fruits. 

Another table had mead made by an older couple who were really fun to talk to. Their first offering was root beer! Yes, root beer mead. It was fantastic. Most of their flavors were different from the usual, which the gentleman told us he preferred to make. Of course, there are classics like cranberry or blueberry, but damiana flower? It was extremely earthy and floral, and refreshing because it wasn't lavender. I like lavenders all right, they've just been done to death in both flavoring and scent. 

The last table had a number of different meads from various locations, including two from B. Nektar Meadery, creators of a personal favorite cherry carbonated mead Zombie Killer. There was actually a bottle of Zombie Killer at the table, and I had to have some, reiterating to me that Zombie Killer is best consumed from the tap, though out of the bottle isn't a terrible option should a keg not be readily available. There was also a bottle of Camelot Mead Honey Wine from Oliver Winery and Vineyards of Bloomington, Indiana. The taste was sweet, smooth, and very drinkable. 

I am hoping that some of these delightful combinations has inspired Greg. He brewed some mead for us this year, but it's a little tart for me at the moment. I've only tried one other mead made by Greg, and it was a very sweet and tasty blueberry and pomegranate. Mmm! I wish I had some right now in a glass of ice. 

If you've never tried mead, do so. A lot of winery are now also brewing mead, which is also sometimes referred to as honey wine. I like mead because it lacks tannins. I don't like tannins very much, and I usually like carbonation even less, which is a large part of why I can't drink much beer. The bitterness of beer also makes it icky to me. Mead and I, though, are very good friends. 

Excuse me while I go stock my fridge. 

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