Monday, September 15, 2014

Making Steampunk Accessories

On Monday October 6th from 7pm to 9pm, my boyfriend Greg and I will be hosting a steampunk themed tea party in the Crazy Wisdom Tea Room. I love the tea room from its original, beautifully detailed ceiling to the big windows that are perfect for people-watching to the tarot ceramic tiles on the walls (that I totally want to re-create in my own home, but have yet to figure out how). The wood floors were recently refinished, too, and they shine like new. (Oh, and I want that couch for my home, too. Sooo comfy...)

Anyhoo. Since I had Wednesday off, I decided I should take stock of my steampunk attire, which I already knew wasn't much, well in advance of the party so I wouldn't be stuck scrambling last minute. I don't have really any free money at the moment, so whatever outfit I came up with had to be made at home. And I think I succeeded quite nicely! 

There are two outfits I gathered, an all-black ensemble with lace gloves, a corset, and a top hat, and a brown outfit I've used before with an engineer or tinker theme that could use some more gadgets. I have a pleather aviator's skullcap around here somewhere that I used for my boyfriend Greg's made-up Motor City Jetpack Brigade costume for the Marche du Nain Rouge one year, but I have no idea where it is precisely. The black ensemble struck me as really quite goth, which is ordinarily fine with me, but I wanted this to really be more steampunk than goth, so I decided to make myself some steampunk-themed jewelry. 

First, I dug out a little box of fake gears and somehow managed to assemble a pair of earrings with the aid of my teeth as I lacked needle nose pliers. (Another item that has been consumed by the apartment.) I think they turned out pretty ok! 

Next, I played with a faux keyhole cover plate and after some trial and error, I affixed it to a hair clip. I made two of these since it turned out to actually be quite simple with just two brads that came with the plate covers. I also had some pin backings that I suspected could be useful. I stared at it for quite a while before picking out a square keyhole plate cover, putting in the brads so there were less holes, and supergluing it to the pin backing. This has worked out better than I hoped! I guess one of the brads is also through the pin, helping to stabilize it. I figure I can use this like a cameo or pin it to a hat. 
The keyhole plate covers could probably still pass as goth... But I like goth, so I really don't care. And the point of cultures like steampunk is to be creative in your own way. I like keys. I like keyholes. I like black. Besides, don't they say that steampunk is when goths discover brown? It's all in the family.

For more information regarding our tea party, click here for the Facebook Event page or comment below and I will try to answer all questions. 

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