Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Lakenenland and Snowbound in Marquette

On the road from our Lake Superior shipwrecks adventure in Munising to our next destination Marquette, my boyfriend Greg and I encountered something that everyone traveling in the Marquette region of the UP should see: Lakenenland Sculpture Park. If you've been following this blog at all, you will already be aware of our penchant for oddball destinations. (Just check out all the unusual and fun things we found in Berrien County this summer.) 

I was alerted to the existence of Lakenenland by my manager at Crazy Wisdom (because she is also aware of our delight of the weird, and she doesn't even read my blog! ...that I am aware of). It turns out that it's pretty hard to miss if you are driving along M-28. A giant green dinosaur fishing for swordfish gives the park's location away. Do yourself a favor and turn in the drive! You can choose drive the hard-packed dirt path through the woods or park the car by the lovely picnic area and playground and stroll (just be mindful of the people driving - and drivers, watch out for pedestrians!). We chose to drive, which took maybe 10 minutes.
We went to Marquette to drink local beer and check out Snowbound Books, which I have heard about many times from a few different people. There isn't a lot of square footage at Snowbound, but it is warm, cozy, and totally the kind of place I would frequent if I live in the area! It has an obvious personal touch, much as I have been told Crazy Wisdom in Ann Arbor has. (I can personally attest that every book that Crazy Wisdom carries was handpicked by me or one of my associates. It's probably my favorite part of the job.) There were so many titles I wish I could have purchased! (Instead, I copied them down, hoping to track them down at a library later.)

Marquette is a great town, too. The buildings are mostly brick and have an obvious history. To use an awful cliche, it's charming. We had lunch at a bar overlooking the old drydock, a large and somewhat imposing fixture right on the edge of downtown. (I wish my battery hadn't died so I could have taken a picture.) It's too bad that we didn't have much time to spend there as I would have enjoyed wandering through the other shops in the area. I have no doubt we could have filled a day or two just wandering around. 
I really enjoy the UP, and I intend to return someday and explore more. Maybe I will uncover some other oddball thing to share. I already know that Michigan is crawling with them.

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