Thursday, December 4, 2014

Welcome, December

It's that time of year again when Greed reigns supreme, sometimes in the guise of good cheer or charity, but usually, just out and out, bald-faced, elbow-to-the-ribs Greed (Black Friday, anyone?). To some people, holiday shopping may really bring the satisfaction of finding just the right gift to brighten a loved one's day. Then there are people like me. People who take advantage of that artificially placed desire to please one's kith and kin to line their own pockets.

I am an absolute zombie in December. I have 1 day off for the entire time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. One. And it is next Monday. Tomorrow, in honor of Ann Arbor's Midnight Madness (think Black Friday round 2), I am working from 12 noon to 11pm, then back again at 9:30am Saturday morning for a 7 hour shift. I'm already exhausted.

And why do we do this? I do it because I have bills to pay and hungry kitties to feed, and taking advantage of suckers is so much easier in December. But why do the suckers do it? It's nice to buy presents for people and make them happy with just the right "thinking of you" gift, but I do that all year long because it's so much sweeter to receive something when one isn't under societal obligation to buy it. 

It's hard for me to accept that Christmas (and increasingly Thanksgiving) are actually about getting together with and enjoying the company of family and friends when it's my only day off in a span of 20 days and the entire month prior my sole purpose is to talk people into buying crap they very probably, in all likelihood don't need. (How many snowman tea towels or kissing elves salt and pepper shakers does one person need, really?) When my only day off - the only time I will get to myself - is spent in the company of others, doing whatever they're doing, and adhering to a schedule, it isn't restful, thus not a true "day off." 

So, everyone, enjoy your holidays. I won't. I'll be delirious with exhaustion and hallucinating from lack of rest. But I will enjoy paying off bills with all that money you'll be foolishly throwing my way. Cheers!

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