Friday, January 23, 2015

Plymouth Ice Festival 2015

One of Michigan's monikers is the Winter Water Wonderland. This is a fanciful way of saying that in winter, Michigan is brimming with snow and ice. The first I can remember actually going to an ice festival, however, is in 2012 when I, my boyfriend Greg, and roommate-at-the-time Kimmy went to the Plymouth Ice Festival.

That year we went early and we able to see many of the sculptures be created. This year we went on that last day, so all of them were already completed already and almost starting to melt. The sculptures are actually very pretty when they are glistening with just a bit of melt. None were faded to the point of losing its design.

On the way from our car (free parking is, of course, many blocks away from the main festivities), we stopped into some of our favorite Plymouth spots, Earth Lore, a must-see for people interested in the metaphysical and fantastical, and Espresso Elevado, an "artisan coffee roaster and brew bar" that Greg has fallen in love with. He ordered a curry latte something that was exactly how it sounded (and made me crave curried vegetables), and I got a mint espresso that was not very minty, but still tasted all right when I added more half and half.

The downtown park where the heart of the festival was set up was PACKED. And, of course, this being an ice festival, stuff from the Disney movie Frozen was everywhere. I liked the movie all right - definitely not my favorite Disney movie ever - but I now want to gag whenever I see something Frozen-related. "Saturating the market" barely begins to cover what Disney has done with this film. Even the sculpture of what might not even be a reindeer (I'm not totally up on my antlered creatures), the children insisted was "a Sven."

"Are you sure that isn't a reindeer?" asked one mother.

"No!" one child retorted. "It's a Sven, not a reindeer."

Duh, Mom. Reindeer are those things that pull Santa's sleigh. Is this attached to a sleigh? No! Geez.

Though I was delighted by a laughing Buddha ice sculpture outside a yoga studio off the main drag, and impressed by what appeared to a rising phoenix, I think I have to crown the expansive, multi-sculpture extravaganza that was a giant squid attacking a sailing ship as my favorite this year.

It was a little unfortunate that we went on a Sunday because so many other nifty little shops were closed. Ah well! There is a lot of stuff in downtown Plymouth and I could easily spend an afternoon wandering around there, so perhaps another time.

Next, Greg and I plan to hit up Zehnder's Snowfest in Frankenmuth, which neither of us has ever been to and promises something new: snow sculptures! This should be interesting. 

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