Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Fish Tank Rescue

About this time last year, I posted about setting up our fish tank. Sadly, we have now lost both of the original fishies, Cobra Commander and Tuxedo Kamen (who last almost the entire year). We have also lost other fish, and Monday night we almost lost the whole tank! After arriving home, Greg realized that the tank was losing water fast. Somewhere, there was a leak.

New aquarium.
I was in Ann Arbor at the time, and I didn't make it home until after Greg had run to Meijer (thank goodness they are open 24/7) and bought us a new tank. I really liked the style of tank that I had, and it was the second of its kind that I have owned. It seems they have discontinued the model, which is unfortunate. I prefer the hexagonal shape to the more traditional rectangular (my first tank was the latter). Greg found a new tank that is sort of a combination of the two, wide with six sides and shaped a lot like a diamond. The top is a lot more open, too, with no heavy light sitting on top of it (this light clips on the back), which worried Greg because our cat Memphis likes to watch the fish swimming. I don't think he'd go after them, but I don't know for sure. (So far, so good.)

Old aquarium.
Before getting the new tank, we made an addition of a different kind. When picking out some new fish (we have two cory catfish now, an albino, Spaz, and an emerald, Oz, and one remaining blue guppy named Oberon), we discovered moss balls - marimo in Japanese, also a common name. 

In all my years of having aquariums (small ones, granted), I have never encountered moss balls. All of the tanks at the Petsmart on Michigan Ave we most recently went to had them, and I have often obtained my fish from Petsmarts. Huh. We decided to get one since the women in the fish department were so enthused about them, and they promised they would not only help keep the tank clean from algae, but filter ammonia and help collect food missed by the fish at their feedings so they have something to nibble on between meal times (which all of our fish have been taking full advantage of). I think the moss ball has been a great addition to our tank! 

Since we are down to only one guppy (rest in peace, Tuxedo Kamen and Silkwood, who both swam on days before their tank began to leak), we need to get at least two more. This new aquarium is also a 5 gallon, but the shape seems to afford more room to swim around. Oberon looks so lonely. (He tries to school with the cories, but that can only go so far.) We could probably also use a taller plant. For some reason my tall plant, which has lost some pieces over the past few years, doesn't want to stand as tall in this tank. It's good to change things up a little for the fish, too, so they don't get bored (or so I have been told by many aquarium owners in the past). It' fun for us, too! And with a wider bottom, there is more area to landscape. Just need to find time to make it to the pet store. I guess there is always Meijer.

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