Friday, February 20, 2015

How I Proposed to My Now-Fiance Greg

By now most of my friends and family should know that on Valentine's Day of this year, I proposed to my live-in partner-in-adventure Greg. We've been together for about 4 years now (depending on when you figure the start date of "being together"). That is a long time! (Prior to this, my longest relationship didn't last 2 years. About the same for Greg.) 

My story starts last year. Some awesome coworkers and I were building a dream catcher for a local art show called Dream Seeding. Greg and some other people popped in to help, too. For reasons, my cohorts and I picked up, among other things, 2 big bags of conversation hearts to snack on as we built the dream catcher. I took one bag home for me and Greg to share when the dream catcher was all done.

One night, as we were sitting on the couch watching TV, I was munching candy hearts and found one that said "marry me," so I gave it to Greg and told him to read it. He laughed and ate it. I found another one and gave that to him, as well. Again he laughed and ate it. This may have gone on for some time. I don't recall exactly.

So this year, I decided to buy more candy hearts and make a goody bag filled with only hearts that said "marry me" for Greg's Valentine's Day present. I thought this would cute, fun, and easy. It was cute and fun at first, but it was not easy. I had to pick up new wiper blades for my car and a few grocery items, so I figured I would add candy hearts to the list and stop by Meijer. Meijer did not have the right hearts. They had gummy hearts and marshmallow hearts, but I couldn't determine if any of them said "marry me."

Next, I dropped into Walgreens. Even with the help of a manager, I could not find the right hearts. The manager suggested that maybe the orders had changed and the bags of hearts weren't available anymore. He said they places a standard order of the same stuff everyone gets, so if neither Meijer nor Walgreens had these hearts, no one would. Nooooo!

I was starting to feel desperate. Not desperate enough to try Walmart, though I figured if my next attempt ended in failure, I'd have no choice. I next headed to the Dollar Tree on the other side of Walmart from Walgreens. AND LO! I found a bin of conversation hearts. Not the brand I am used to, but who cares. I FOUND THEM! There was also a bin with bags of heart-shaped candy rings. I only needed one, not six, but meh. They were $1. I agonized over what kind of container to get for the heart and candy ring. Nothing looked right. I eventually settled on plastic goody bags for a kid's Valentine's party because I decided an owl was the least gag-me thing in the store.

Returning home with my bounty, I had two hours before Greg got home from work to assemble the present. (And then hide the evidence as this was the day before V-Day.) I pulled out a flexible cutting board and settled in front of the TV with my three bags of candy. (I think I put on Empire, which is a totally awesome show that everyone should watch. <3 Jussie Smollett <3)

I dumped the first bag of hearts onto the cutting board and dug, and dug, and dug. Barely a toddler-sized handful of "marry me" hearts. Ok, fine. So I weeded out the hearts that said "say yes." That was still the right sentiment, right? This still was not much. I set upon the second bag and ended with the same results. Barely a handful between these two sentiments. I considered returning to the Dollar Tree for more bags, but that would leave me with even more leftover candy hearts that I had no intention of eating (I'm cutting back on sugar). These would have to do.

I filled up my first owl bag with all the "marry me," "say yes," and mustache hearts (there were four - I had to include them) these two bags yielded, then topped them with a candy ring and tied the bag closed with pink ribbon that I found in my drawer of random stuff. I would have preferred another color, but there is a decidedly pink theme with Valentine's Day.

Since I still had all that leftover candy, I divvied up the remaining hearts into three other goody bags and gave them to my coworkers the next day for Valentine's Day. I told a few people the reason for all the candy and they were very excited for me, wishing me luck. The candy rings I saved for another purpose, though what that would be, I did not yet know.

On Valentine's Day, after failing to get dinner at two local restaurants (the first was full and the second had run out of food) and finally succeeding on the third (are we sensing a theme?), Greg and I returned home. My phone had gone off a few times with texts like "well??" and "!?!?!?!?" It was time. Greg had already given me my present, the board game Invasion From Outer Space, earlier in the evening. We sat on the couch and I gave him his goody bag. I explained that he had to open it and read what was inside. He took out a candy heart.

Greg: "This one says 'say yes.'"

Me: "Pick another one."

G: "And this one says 'say yes.'"

M: "Try again."

G: "And this one says 'say yes.'"

M: "Another." Damn you, hearts!!

G: "This one says 'marry me.' And this one says 'marry me.' And this one says 'marry me.' And this one says 'say yes.' And this one is a mustache."

M: "Ok, you're done. So what do you say?"

G: "I thought we already agreed we were getting married."

He isn't very good at playing along with my romantic gestures. It turns out I beat Greg to the punch. He was planning on asking me at Disneyland on our vacation next month, but he hadn't found a suitable ring yet. Oh well! I win! We agreed to make our engagement official and spent the next two days calling and texting family to tell them the good news. The general reaction was "about time!"

Of course, now everyone wants to know the date that we picked, the location, and all the other details that can take months to work out. If I had all of those plans set, I would have been engaged months ago! We're looking for places around Ann Arbor because that is where we live (more or less) and it's a decent middle ground for family, 45 minutes from Dearborn and 1.5 hours from Kalamazoo. (I said decent, not perfect.) I am not sure what kind of wedding it will be, only what it will not be: it will not be traditional. I can also assure everyone that shenanigans will be included.

So what of the leftover candy rings? We brought them with us to our weekly game night with friends, and Greg announced, "We brought some things to help us share our news!" And then he tossed everyone a candy ring. (Except for Brian. Sorry, Brian. We ran out.) Our friend Kati caught on right away and her face was priceless. Our friend Josh arrived late since he was doing his comedy show. Greg broke the news like this:

Greg: "Josh, I have a job for you."

Josh: "Oh yeah?"

G: "I need a best man."

J: ".....I think I can handle that."

Later, I asked Greg to pose for a photo with his sucker ring, and he put it on his right hand and held it up.

Me: "No, it goes on the other hand."

Greg: "Huh?"

M: "On your left hand. You don't know where engagement rings go?"

G: "Hell no!"

M: "It's a good thing I proposed. This is totally going on my blog."

And lo, it was so.


  1. Way to go! I like how you two were pretty much in sync with your proposal timelines. Just a month apart. I wish you the best. I enjoyed this story.

  2. These are very interesting stories. Do you take the pictures as well? Very coherent and descriptive!