Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Two Things to Do in Detroit

We're back in Michigan! (Where there's water! Yay!) Well, I've been back for a while. Long enough for Michigan weather to begin catching up to where California was when we were there in the beginning of March. 

Speaking of March in Michigan, Greg, his uncle, and I attended this year's Marche Du Nain Rouge. I haven't attended since 2012 when Greg and I dressed as members of the Motor City Jetpack Brigade. This year, I dressed up as a biker witch (leather jacket and pleather hat with chains and stuff) and Greg re-donned his satyr outfit of two years ago. He is very proud of his goat pants that he made himself. 

Every year the Marche gets bigger and bigger. Apparently they also do a run, but it was canceled this year due to the copious amounts of road construction going on in the area. This year's festivities were hosted by Theatre Bizarre, so lots of creepily dressed circus performers everywhere. It was awesome! 

Greg and I bought T-shirts, a cookie, a cinnamon macaron that was delicious, and the men got some local beer. We again didn't participate in the after-party, instead opting for a more private, less crowded lunch at the nearby Traffic Jam & Snug. 

The Marche Du Nain Rouge happens the first Sunday after the first day of spring every year. Click here to see more pictures of the 2015 Marche Du Nain Rouge.

Something that happens a little more often - the first Friday of every month after 5pm through June 2015! - the Cranbrook Institute of Science is open to the public for FREE. We saw owls, bats, and a sloth at the Bat Zone. 

In the lower level of the main building was an exhibit on black holes and how space is all timey-whimey and other Doctor Who references (no, it wasn't a DW exhibit, I'm just a geek). Upstairs, there were also a T-Rex, mastodons, a diorama of downtown Detroit being devoured by a glacier, and a somewhat interesting walk-thru exhibit entitled The Story of Us that included holograms following you as you explore. 

I wish we had encountered the room full of gem stones and minerals earlier because I happen to sell a lot of those stones at my job, and such large specimens were fascinating to me. But after the presentation on stars in the planetarium (narrated, of course, by Patrick Stewart), I was pretty well exhausted.

I would think the Cranbrook Institute of Science would be a great place to bring kids, but our niece and nephew on Greg's side were not impressed when they visited, I think, last year. They may have been too little to really enjoy it. (Someone get those children some Bill Nye DVDs!) If my brother and his family visit, we may need to check it out and give it another test with different children. There were a number of them running around on our visit! (In fact, we were probably the only adults there not accompanied by young'uns.)

So there are two adventures out of the way for the year! I'd like to return to Cranbrook and check out their gardens (I am told they are quite lovely), head to Toledo to see the re-opened aquarium at the Toledo Zoo, investigate Michigan's new Sea Life Aquarium, and finally see the peonies at the Arb. We'll see if any of it happens - life has gotten busy! But there are always adventures.

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