Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Home Renovation: It Starts

Last Friday, my mom and her boyfriend Larry drove out from Kalamazoo to help Greg and me work on our new house. We were also joined by Greg's aunt Pat, who was generous enough to mow the lawn, groan tall and made wet by all of these storms we've been having. Mom and Larry were delayed almost 2 hours by stopped traffic on 94 near Jackson (why do these things always happen in Jackson?). 

While we waited, Greg and I sanded the odd globules on the ceilings and walls of the bedrooms and hallway, and I painted along the edges of the ceilings (just next to where they meet the walls) so that Larry could later come along behind with a roller.  This really helped to streamline the process, especially in the hallway where the ceiling was lower and only about an inch above the doorway moldings. (Good luck getting a roller in there.)

In my sanding (prepping for the painting) , I discovered a few of the, what I had thought to be, globs of paint were actually plugs the previous owners had put into holes in the ceiling, then painted over. So when I sanded them down, they popped out and Greg had to go behind me and patch them properly. Turns out using a putty knife is not rocket science. Wish someone had explained this to the previous owners. Would have saved us a lot of time and work.

Other surprises included the latex paint peeling off of half the laundry room door because latex paint does not stick so well to varnish, and the paint tearing off one bathroom wall because latex paint also won't adhere to oil paint. How they got 2 coats of latex paint on there I will never understand.

We haven't tackled the walls yet, but 2 of the bedroom and the hallway ceilings are painted, as well as all of the bedroom trim (thanks Mom and Larry!). Pat got our lawn into shape, filling 10 bags with clippings (!!), though after that monster storm system that just moved through, it may need a little more TLC now. (The lawn is a battleground.)

The laundry room is halfway cleared out, too. All the weird hooks and things that were nailed - yes, nailed - to the ceiling are gone, though the holes they left behind are still there. We took down some of the shelves, but not all. The room is pretty big, and we haven't decided what we'll do with it. I was thinking combo laundry room and workshop. When I mentioned putting in a work table to my Mom and Pat, they both responded that a sturdy table to fold clothes on would be great. This is how I know I am not actually a woman. I was thinking a strong table to weld stuff on would be great!

The kitchen has been professionally measured, cupboards picked out, and a rudimentary plan drawn up. We could dismantle the current cupboards, but Greg wants to finish the bedrooms first so we can start moving stuff into them. Hoping to get more work done around our varied work schedules this week. Luckily, not a lot actually needs to be done, we just don't have a lot of time to do it. One of our cats is also experiencing health problems, so we are dealing with that, too (poor kitty). 

That is it for now. Not all of my updates will be about the house, but I will be updating on the progress using the tag "house." And posting pictures, of course!

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