Thursday, August 13, 2015

DIYpsi Summer 2015

This past weekend was the summer edition of DIYpsi! (There's another one just before the winter holidays that I am told is a great place to pick up unique gifts.) It's a pretty well-known craft fair here, possibly the biggest in A2/Ypsi (though I think it would be bigger if they didn't hold it at a brewery and allowed in people under 21). And I'd never been for the same reason I miss on most things in life: I was working. Also, events like this tend to close early, like around 6, the time I would be arriving if I opened that day. Saturdays, I always open. Lately, I've actually had most Sundays off, but this particular Sunday I had picked up a shift which took Sunday out of the picture. 

I was excited when I learned that Saturday's DIYpsi was going until 8pm. Finally, I'd get to attend this infamous local indie art fair! I know a lot of people who have sold there and I've been encouraged to get a table myself. (It sounds like fun, but I don't have enough stuff to sell at the moment, and I'm not sure I'd do well enough to make it worth it. Maybe if Greg made some things and we split a table.) 

When I got to the Corner Brewery, I found parking right away on the street. Cars are coming and going so frequently that I can't imagine parking is too big of a deal. The line to order food, however, was another story. I ended up buying a few scones from Jen Gossett of Fairytale Baked Goods, who Greg and I had met a few weeks before in the Downtown Ypsilanti Farmers Market. She remembered me! Her scones are delicious - both savory and sweet - and the fairy tale theme is just fun. I hope to see her in the market again soon. (Scones are good for a wedding reception, right...?)

There are all manner of things at DIYpsi. I saw lots of vegan soaps and lotions, beard balm and homemade brass beard combs, jewelry, robot heads (some that lit up), paintings, clothing, and crocheted and knitted and plushie fun things! I ended up just buying a housewarming present for a friend who reads my blog so I can't say what it is. But it's adorable, appropriate, and was handmade by another uber talented and fun friend of mine, Celena Lopez aka Diosa de la Luna. I also gathered up a bunch of business cards to investigate later when I inevitably need more people to interview for my Journal column. 

Since Greg couldn't go with me on Saturday, he went on Sunday and had his own adventure of beer and ice cream. He was sorely tempted to get one of the light-up robot heads, but it was too expensive for us right now. Hopefully when the December event rolls around we can have some time off together to go and hunt for nifty holiday gifts! 

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