Thursday, September 24, 2015

Home Renovation Part Four: The Moving Begins

We have to be out of our apartment by the 30th of September. That's just under a week away! Our big moving day is going to be this Sunday, but that hasn't stopped us from already getting stuff in. Greg's boss gave us a patio table (no chairs, though), which required using the store's box truck to move. We were allowed to take advantage and move a few more big items that same day, so there is now a table, an entertainment center, and most of our book shelves as well as most of our books. 

After some serious kitchen demolition, we got the kitchen walls half painted (the places where the new cupboards will go because heck no I am not painting with the cupboards up), and did some major, major cleaning of the bedrooms so that we could start to move things into them. The new cupboards have arrived, but are not yet installed. The inept company installing them keeps neglecting to call us to schedule that, and when we call, they tell us they can't take our call and need to call us back, so most of the kitchen and much of the living room is taken up by these huge and heavy cupboard boxes.

Side note: If you live in the Ann Arbor-Ypsilanti area and are thinking of having your kitchen cupboards done by Home Depot, DON'T unless you plan to hang the cupboards yourself. Home Depot has been wonderful, but the company they contract with to do the install is HORRIBLE. They have delayed this project by months for reasons such as "Oops, I forgot to check my email. My bad." So now we get to live in a house without a kitchen when the main reason we stayed in our apartment and paid rent on top of mortgage rather than move in right away was so we wouldn't have to live without a kitchen. Thanks, assholes.

We also had to take up some of the tiles in the kitchen to make room for expanded cupboards in places that cupboards were not before. That was brutal! I'm guessing they were linoleum or some such other awful tile on top of the same, and the lower tiles were adhered by the Devil's Own Glue. Chipping away at them with a hammer and a spackle knife was brutal. Even pouring Goo Gone just dissolved the top layers and left the glue fully in tact. But between the two of us, we got it done. (Now that awful company just needs to call and schedule an appointment...)

That is all for now. I need to get back to packing and schlepping more stuff over to the house before going into work. Because why-oh-why would I actually get days off while moving. (The reason we're moving on Sunday is because it's the only day this month that Greg and I have off together.) And I have my first Journal deadline October 1st, which means this computer needs to be set up again ASAP once it's been dismantled and moved. Joy.

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