Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Home Renovation Part Three: Demolition and more Painting

Nearly every spare moment I have had over the last few months has been devoted to working on the house. We relinquish our apartment at the end of this month, so it is crunch time! (I'd actually like to be completely moved out before then, which means there is even more to do in less time.)

The three bedrooms, or as we call them the library, the bedroom, and the jungle room (it's painted green), are all painted, the floors are cleaned up, and we've already started moving stuff in. We also brought over the chairs from our balcony, a small table, and set them up on the front porch where we've since enjoyed a couple of meals and a few drinks. This past weekend, I even sat and enjoyed a drink while chatting with friends. It feels like home already! 

Since this Monday was Labor Day, we obviously devoted it to labor. Our friend Dustin came over and helped Greg demolish our kitchen. Given that the previous owners' solution to seemingly every problem was cover it in caulk, and one of the main things holding up the previous dilapidated cupboards was caulk, there were a lot of caulk jokes. Surprisingly, it didn't take very long to rip out the cupboards, just a few hours with two people. The stove's hood turned out to be unsalvageable (it looks like it has caught on fire in the past), which was unfortunate, and we found a few soft spots on the wall by the sink, but nothing terrible. (Pretty sure.)

While Greg and Dustin worked in the kitchen, I finished up edging the walls in the living room, which has been tough since the edges along the ceiling are mostly uneven. After the kitchen was done, Dustin headed out and we were joined by friend Heather, who helped Greg with prepping the kitchen to be painted before the new cupboards arrive next week. A lot of crap needed to be scraped off the walls and holes (surprise, surprise, more holes in the walls) patched and filled. I suspect we’re almost out of drywall at this point. There is also a nice pile of broken cupboards in the backyard. We’ll work on hauling that away later.

More friends Red and Cassi arrived and Cassi helped me empty boxes of books so that I could take them back home to be filled up with more books so the process could repeat. We really have a lot of books to move, and obviously we can't move the bookcases until the books are moved first.

In addition to also drywalling in the kitchen, Red installed our BRAND NEW WASHING MACHINE courtesy of one of my oldest friends and bridesmaids Robin, who won it in a raffle at work. Since she lives in an apartment, she generously passed it on to me and Greg, who drove out to Benton Harbor last Saturday to pick it up. Red did discover some soft wall behind the washer, but Greg doesn't think the damage is too bad and we can fix it. I just hope it isn't the product of a drip or leak and is just from changing out the machines! 

I anticipate all of my free time over the next two weeks to be devoted to packing and hauling. And here's hoping m our cat Memphis doesn't pee in any more boxes. I need those!

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