Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Some of My New Favorite Neighborhood Places in Ypsilanti

I've been writing a little bit about the places that Greg and I have been visiting and the events we've attended in Ypsilanti as we have gotten to know our new city. Here are some of my favorite places that we have discovered.

There are so many places to eat in Ypsilanti! We breakfasted at the Wolverine Grill per one friend's recommendation and have yet to eat at Beezy's per another. One of our favorite restaurants for dinner is Maiz Mexican Cantina in Depot Town, which I reviewed for the Crazy Wisdom Community Journal for the Fall 2014 issue

I also like to stop in at the Ypsilanti Food Co-op when I am in Depot Town. They carry a line of organic bagged tea that I enjoy and much more! Also in Depot Town is the Eyrie, a gift shop that sells products made only by Michigan artisans. It's located right next to Sidetrack, a bar and grill I used to frequent with friends when I first moved to Ann Arbor, and where Greg and I still like to grab drinks every now and again. We also like Corner Brewery, which hosts events like DIYpsi and occasionally burlesque.

A few blocks away in Downtown Ypsi, within easy walking distance to our house, are some more fun shops. There is the Rocket, of course, a much beloved by locals novelty gift shop with all kinds of toys, candy, and fun clothing. World of Rocks on Huron is a great place to pick up stones, gems, rocks, and beads to make jewelry - as well as premade jewelry. People tell me their prices are high, but I find them reasonable. And so many shinies!

Also downtown is the Black Stone Bookstore and Cultural Center, which sells books (obviously), handmade candles, incense, clothing, African imports, art, jewelry, and more. They also host and sponsor events, like in-store author signings and the upcoming black tie gala Fight For Your Life at Weber's Inn that will raise money for the SafeHouse Center of Washtenaw County. The owners are super friendly and it's great to stop by for a neighborly chat. I've already heard so many fun stories about the neighborhood from Kip - it's great! And I love my candle. Mmm...

Ypsilanti is also home to two farmers markets, one downtown and one in Depot Town. Since I work every Saturday, I will probably never make it to the one in Depot Town. Downtown on Tuesdays, though, I can do! For a half hour anyway, before heading into work. I want to pick up some handmade soaps and more scones soon. Hyperion Coffee might also be there with their delicious iced coffee. (Greg has been stalking them since he first learned of them a couple of months ago.) 

We've attended two First Fridays events thus far, and we're both looking forward to another this Friday, September 4th. Since neither of us usually works late on Fridays, we've decided to make this a regular thing for us. Hopefully, we can persuade more friends to join us in the future. At the last one we met up with a few people we knew at different points throughout the evening.

So far, Ypsi has been treating us great! I like how vibrant the community is and there is always something to do. Maybe when our families visit, we will check out the local museums, too. Both my and my sister-in-law's families have backgrounds in firefighting. She used to be a volunteer firefighter herself! (Because she's a badass.) Depot Town is home to the Michigan Firehouse Museum and Education Center. I have many fond memories of Christmas parties at the Otsego, MI firehouse, so I would like to check this museum out one day. 

Look forward to many Ypsilanti adventures to come!

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