Thursday, October 8, 2015

Still No At-Home Internet

I am typing a brief update to say that although I had a partial update prepared, I can't post it because I only have a 20 minute break at work, and that is the only time I have to be online right now. Most of my free time has been devoted to unpacking and doing things to the unfinished kitchen. I also have a Journal deadline the 15th and a Gryffindor scarf to finish by, let's say, the 20th (also my birthday).

October was supposed to be an easy month. It is not turning out that way. :/ 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Home Renovation Part Five: All Moved In

Our new living room.

So we're finally moved into our house! A huge thank you to everyone who made it out to help! The house has been super crowded with the cabinets not being installed and taking up the majority of the kitchen and one key living room wall. A lot has been left in boxes and bags because there was no place for it to go. It's frustrating.

What we found in front of the old apartment
when we went to clean up after moving.
But the cabinets are being put in right now as I write this! Yay! I don't have internet at home yet, so this will be posted later. I hope to have time to post a few pictures, too. If you see them, I was successful. If not, well…

After cabinets, we still need a sink, countertops, to rip out and install new flooring, and to finish painting the walls. And I was just informed that the kitchen was mismeasured so the cabinets will extend beyond the soffit by a few inches. My choices were to cancel the install we've been dicked around over for the past 3 months, schedule to have them picked up, shipped back to the manufacturer, remade, shipped back to the house, then schedule another appointment for them to be installed, or fuck it. I chose fuck it. I would like a working kitchen before next year, thanks.

Oh, hi there!
Here is where I reiterate DO NOT have your kitchen installed through the Home Depot in Ypsilanti. DON'T DO IT. Unless you have a full year to get it done right and don't mind living without a kitchen and living room (cabinets have to be stored somewhere) during that time. And I keep hearing things like “well, that's scary” and “how stupid is that?” coming from the workpeople. Joy.

I think it's time to go back to bed. As usual, the cats have the right idea: IGNORE.