Friday, January 8, 2016

Plymouth Ice Festival 2016

Feels strange to be typing 2016. Anyway! First post of the new year. You might have noticed I'm staggering my posts, or at least posting less often. This pattern will probably remain until I recover my health. I have healthcare coverage again, but they haven't actually sent me anything about hooking up with a doctor, so I can't make an appointment to find out what's wrong. (Murica!) It's been over two months of being unwell, so I'm a little anxious to get this figured out.

So tonight Greg and I made it out to the Plymouth Ice Festival. It was actually warmer when we left than when we arrived. The ice sculptures were already melting, and not from the fire tower. (Which was really cool, by the way!) I'm glad we got to see things fresh, though more sculptures will be made tomorrow and maybe Sunday.

We started the evening with dinner at the Ironwood Grill. Turns out that place is pretty terrible. I ordered my steak medium and it arrived well done. The shrimp was also overdone, making it dry and chewy. The flavors were all right, though Greg's brisket was crazy smokey. Nothing new or interesting. A completely average American steakhouse with mediocre fare frequented by middle agers who talk REALLY LOUDLY because, I assume, they are losing their hearing. Rarely do I walk into a restaurant and feel like a kid again because the vast majority of patrons are my parents' age, so I guess they have that going for them. I hear they have good pizza, so maybe I'll go back for that. Maybe. I did enjoy the spinach artichoke dip and side salad that was big enough to be an entire meal. (This menu is the perfect example of how out of hand American portions have become. Two chicken breasts should be two meals, not one.)

After dinner, we dropped off the leftovers in the car and toured the sculptures along the streets, the park, oohed and ahhed over the fire tower, wondered why Batman and Superman were peeing on each other, then stopped in at Kilwin's for ice cream. I got blue moon, of course, and Greg ordered strawberry chunk. The outside temperature was probably 45F, so not too cold for ice cream at all.

I suspect the damp weather helped keep people away, but I would still recommend going to the opening night of the Festival. A lot of folk cleared out after the ice torch was lit, so it was easy to move around and see everything. Adding dinner and ice cream to the mix helped round out the evening. It is a shame most of the shops were closed. There were a bunch of new ones we hadn't seen before and wanted to check out. We don't make it to Plymouth often.