Tuesday, March 29, 2016

From the Coffee Shop: Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea in Kerrytown, Ann Arbor

Welcome to Part Two of my hopefully ongoing series of posts from local coffee shops. (The first entry was last August from Black Diesel Coffee in Ann Arbor.) 

Right now I am sitting at the Kerrytown Sweetwaters, listening to an orchestral rendition of The Man Who Sold the World (their choice, not mine, though I approve), sipping a hot cup of French Vietnamese Au Lait, a "masterpiece of Sweetwaters' dark roasted French chicory coffee & sweetened condensed milk." I've never had this drink before (my usual is the Crème Caramel, the best caramel latte in town), but it reminds me of coffee I used to make years ago when I had leftover sweetened condensed milk that needed to be used up. Delicious drizzled over ice cream (thanks for the tip, Japan!) as well as stirred into coffee, if you like your coffee sweet. I even made it with coffee and chicory! Since the tin of Cafe Du Monde brand was the only coffee I once kept on hand. (Now I don't keep any coffee. That's Greg's bag.)

I should be working on writing an article for the Journal, but since it got bumped to the next issue, I've decided to rework it and go in a new direction, which is proving a bit difficult. So many other things have happened to bump this article in my own life, as well. 

I'm still struggling with my energy level, I've taken on more hours at the bookstore and editing duties at the Journal (which has been tremendous fun!) in addition to writing, our beloved cat Sawyer passed away at the beginning of the year and, since then, our elder cat Miss Kitty, whom we took in from Greg's job last fall, has nearly died twice. The vet we took her to last week all but told us to euthanize her then, but she has bounced back - not entirely (we're still in hospice mode), but she is mostly her old self, just with more careful monitoring of food and litter box breaks. 

And, of course, there's the wedding. I hate wedding planning. It is an absolute nightmare. Planning a funeral is so much easier, and I speak from experience (not that either event was/is entirely up to me). I wanted to have invitations out by the end of the month, which means we have to work our tails off this week. And since invitations are going out, I also need to update the wedding website with RSVP, hotel, and registry info. (Gross.)

When I think about my dream wedding when I was child, I laugh. I gave up on it a while ago - really not long after it was hatched. I always pictured myself in a tux with tails, waiting at the altar for my beautiful bride. But since it was beaten into my skull by basically everyone ever until I was in college that I'm a girl and I have to be the one in the dress, I stopped dreaming about my own wedding right quick. It would never happen. Couldn't happen. I envy kids these days for whom it can and will happen. I hope they appreciate how lucky they are.

As I gaze sleepily around me here at Sweetwaters, I appreciate the art work. Like most coffee shops these days, they have rotating art exhibited. These are colorful and abstract. Springy. Makes me want to create something (something that is not this article). The pleasant weather I also find motivating. Too bad I work all day. (Between stores at the moment.)

I guess there is always tomorrow.